Human Jedi Knight

From the White Tower

Beard & Mustache

Long Brown Hair

Originally from Mengol

In order to understand this character, one must read about the Mengol System...and the Blood Princes that once ruled there.

Quinn Roldoon comes from the Mengol System. He was born in the moon-dome of his father...a Blood Prince, some 42 people distant from the Blood Throne. Quinn himself was 65 people distant from being the Prince Prime...ultimate ruler of the Mengol System. There were strict rules of conduct...strict conversational guidelines between members of the Roldon Family. Different greetings had to be used when Quinn addressed someone closer to the Throne than him...and those further from the Throne than him. There were even rules for what Quinn had to wear...different ceremonial clothes for lunch...for dinner...for visits to other domes. It was taught that the extreme level of ceremonial guidelines and rules was neccesary to maintain peace within the large royal family.

Quinn was trained in the ways of ceremonial combat...(but we will save a description of his immediate family, his friends, and important people in Quinn's life...until such time as you or I write his more detailed history!!! Meanwhile...there is a bit more to say about the Mengol System before we are done. The following events took place after Quinn left the Mengol System...and he has not been back since.)

A little over 20 years ago, young Prince Damon Roldoon (8 people distant from the throne) convinced the Prince Prime Maximus Roldoon that the only way for the Roldoon Family to make things right would be to make a deal with the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. Maximus was old...and dying, and Damon had been a loyal great-grandchild and the apple of his eye. The Fendora-Bengala representatives were smooth talkers and promised the moon, the sky, and the stars in return for control of Mengol. Despite the protests of many of the other Blood Princes, Maximus essentially sold Mengol and its population to Fendora-Bengala.

Since that time, Quinn has heard little else of Mengol that he can believe with confidence. He has heard that the factories have been rebuilt...the population once again enslaved. The Fendora-Bengala scientists have exploited and damaged the land and atmosphere of Mengol...and mutated the native plants and beasts into "products" more useful to their purposes. The factory-managers have perverted the workmanship and creative industry of the Commoners into slave-labor and manufacturing productivity. Corporate Troopers enforce the law with snap-judgments and lethal force.

Though Quinn has several times come across ex-patriot Blood Princes, living abroad on their share of the profits from the sale of Mengol...he has learned few details of the state of the Roldoon Family on the Blood Moon...What of Quinn's immediate family? He had heard they had chosen to remain on the Blood Moon, even after the sale of Mengol to Fendora-Bengala, but he knows little more than this....

(Mike, let me know if YOU want to detail Quinn's childhood, family, friends, important people in his life, and why and how he left the Blood Moon. Let me know soon. I am more than willing to detail this out...and would enjoy it. But, I wanted to offer you the opportunity, in case you wanted to do it. I mainly ask that you put in some family members you really liked...some that were your rivals as a youth...and some dramatic stuff! It is important that Quinn left the Blood Moon because he did not believe that what was happening between the Roldoon Family and the Commoners was correct or moral. He must have left with a certain amount of disgust for the ceremony, extreme wealth, and snobbishness of the Blood Princes. So with mixed feelings...love for his family...but dislike for the system he was born into...Quinn left to find "something more." But, like I said...if you want, I will write Quinn's early history. Let me know!)


There is certainly a story to be told here. For now, let us say that Quinn Roldoon returned to the moon Melan-Ker after the "death" of Darth Vile...ready to dedicate his life to training new Jedi at the White Tower. He spent five years there shaping new Padawans, and reading and writing about more academic aspects of the Force. Quinn left Melan-Ker only a few times for short trips, and one adventure he went on with Kenai to deal with a threat on the planet Peren. But that is a tale for another time!