Human Jedi Knight

From the White Tower

Clean Shaven - Short Dark Hair

Synthetic Left Eye

Originally from Milos


A Force to be reckoned with,

Darkness surrounds,

Light slashes,

Power in Silence,

Step forth and Embrace your Destiny


The force-net held Vette in place with no chance to dodge or move. The bright flash from Jocco-Mar's blaster was the last thing that Vette saw. His lifeless body slumped in the net and as the energy faded, Vette fell out of view.

The Vilar-deen that had been chasing the intruders were on a lower level. As they approached the power generator chamber, they noticed the crumpled heap of what was left of Vette Vanjour lying on a catwalk. The hissing of their language indicated they had found a treasure worthy of their masters recognition. With a chilling touch to Vette's head, he was put into a frigid coma, stopping the life force from leaving his battered body.

"Thisss one hasss been touched by the Dark Side. He will make a fine SSSith."

After many months of rehabilitation and re-programming, Vette has little memory of the White Tower or of his friends. A mechanical eye-patch covers the scarred areas of his left eye socket, enabling him to see normally and in the infrared spectrum. Wearing dark colors and heavy boots, Vette looks more like a Bounty Hunter than a sith.

There is one thing that separates Vette from the normal scum of bounty hunters and smugglers. The force is with him. Vette's light saber is a blackish-grey blade, like a brewing storm. He is driven by his feelings, like a raging river. Vette moved up the ranks quickly in his training to become a Sith.

But, before he could be sworn to the new Dark Lord, the Vilar-deen's came under attack! Everyone was called to fight. In the ensuing aftermath, neither side could declare victory. In the end, there was no good side, there was no dark side, there was only Vette.

The Vilar-war left the socio-economic system in tatters, leaving anyone able, to take what they wanted. Small fiefdoms were created around pockets of life. Vette made a name for himself as hired muscle, putting his Jedi and Sithe skills to use for the highest bidder.

Vette is setup with a small inter-stellar craft, capable of smuggling cargo, passengers or prisoners. It's name is the Gray Sunrise, and is piloted by Bot Welo. His current employer has sent him to join up with Quinn Roldune, Kenai Moongazer, a Morgan Cloud, and some other individuals on a mission for the Jedi of the White Tower.

Vette doesn't remember the members of the party or the Twilight Battle. He really doesn't remember anything before being shot in the face.