THE ALOREN SYSTEM - The sun's name is Aloren, and it has only one planet, a huge gas giant named Titelan. Titelan has 6 moons, two of which are capable of supporting life. The largest of these two is Cordawan, inhabited by a human race with scarlet red skin, this planet is mostly grass-covered sloping hills and is graced with temperate temperatures year-round. The Cordawans are a rowdy and childlike race...any moment they can be either happy and fairly pleasant or angry and extremely is difficult to find a bland Cordawan. The second inhabitable moon is Melan-Ker. It is much smaller than Cordawan and is covered with dense forests. It is here that the White Tower stands casting the Beam of Clear Sight out across the is here that the Jedi Brotherhood called the Knights of the White Tower make there is here that the young Jedi Lord Mede-Won ended the Shadow War by striking down Darth Vile after a bloody battle for the Tower! Since the rise of the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. the Jedi have had a poor relationship with the greedy Robber-Barons. For this reason the Aloren System is off-limits to the F-B Trade Corp...and in the Trade Corp.'s view that is practically an act of war.

FENDORA-BENGALA SYSTEM - The sun's name is Milas, and to represent how close the orbit of the closest planet is, it is called Milos (female/male versions of the same word). Milos is tidal locked and practically uninhabitable, but the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. wastes nothing. A thin strip of industial complexes and manufacturing circle this small super hot/cold planet in the twilight-zone between the light and dark sides of the planet. The CPO Morlan Hindar of the Hindar Clan and his elite troops the Twilight Guard rule this industrial zone with an iron fist. The second planet is Tenori and despite its harsh environment it is a rich with metels and other raw materials. It is one large planet-sized strip mine. The third and final planet is Fendora-Bengala, named for the two powerful families that merged their financial interests after the Shadow War and formed the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. It was once a lush planet, but years of industry and over-development have left its atmosphere dark and smoke-filled, its land covered with cement and plas-steel, and its people heavy in spirit. It is said that money has become everything to them, and they are slaves to their greed.

VILARDEEN SYSTEM - This small dark sun is called the Midnight Star. It's rays bathe the dark solitary planet of Vilardeen in a hellish blue light. It was here over 500 years ago that a Dark Lord rose up on Vilardeen...he made shades out of men, and his dark knights spread his evil faith from planet to planet by use of bloody violence and black magicks. Darth Vile, as the Dark Lord came to be known, drove his heartless Vilars across this sector in the 20 year long Shadow War...and if not for the strategy-making of the Jedi and the brute force of a direct assault by the Golden Race of Tibaroe on Vilardeen, he would have succeeded. No one travels to this system, and it is assumed that the surface of Vilardeen continues to be a lifeless wasteland.

The sun is called Roldoon, and its single planet is called Mengol. It has a large hardy population that have a large amount of talent in working with their hands. Mengol-workmanship is respected throughout Sector 42. It was, up until the Shadow War a free planet, ruled justly by the Roldoon Family, who took their name from the the System's Sun. This Roldoon Government was based on the single red moon that circles Mengol...the Blood Moon of Mengol. During the Shadow War, the Vilars imprisoned the Roldoon family and enslaved the planet's population. A large rebellion broke out under the cruel treatment the Vilars gave the Mengols, but had it not been for the end of the War, the Mengol rebels would have been slaughtered. The freed Roldoon Family were by no means cruel, but things never quite returned to how good they were before the War. In many respects the population could still have been considered to be slaves. About 20 years ago the worst happened. A young Prince of the Blood Moon made a deal with the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. to sell Mengol and its population to the large conglomerate. Since that time, the word "Roldoon" has entered the vocabulary of Sector 42 and beyond as representing the worst of traitors.

MICRIDORBA SYSTEM - The Mick-Ricks call their sun "Mother." Mother has 5 major planets with a total of 9 moons, as well as over 25 planetoids both natural and artificial that the Mick-Rick civilization made hospitible to life long in it's past. The civilization is so old, that though it has been continuous, much of its past is forgotten and lost. The Mick-Ricks themselves have a dark hard skin, and though clearly humanoid in shape and intelligence, their bodyparts are segmented and visibly jointed. Their faces are angular and thin, and sport large light colored eyes. For the 3 or 4 centuries prior to the Shadow War, the Mick-Ricks focused on space exploration and deep space adventure. No quest was too big or dangerous, and they became known for their single-minded daringness. During the Shadow War they struggled in space battle after space battle, their navies challenging the Vilar Navy at every turn. Despite great losses, and the fact the tide had definitely turned in the Vilars' favor, the Mick-Ricks were still on the offensive right up to the end of the war. It was only with the coming of peace that it became clear how much they had lost. They became isolated and hermit-like for four centuries after the war, but over the last 100 years the Mick-Ricks have reamerged successfully as pirates, at great cost to the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. They are known still for their daring and fearlessness, though their new lawlessness has discouraged outside contact with them. No one really knows what form their government now takes, or what the condition of their civilization is.

DIM SYSTEM - Not much is known about this system. The one thing that makes it worth mentioning is that the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. declared it off limits some 500 years ago, and keeps a formidible navy in the system seemingly blockading it. Though rumors abound, no one is sure of why this system is off limits. Here are some of the rumors...the F-B Trade Corp. builds secret military spacecraft here...the F-B Trade Corp. has an army of slaves living on Dim 1 and Dim 2, the two planets of the industrial accident took place in the system, and the Trade Corp. wishes to hide the ancient race of powerful being makes its home in the System, and the Trade Corp. want to use their power...etc...

ANDO PRIME SYSTEM - The sun is called Ando, and its only planet is Ando Prime. A belt of asteroids called the Band of Sish forms a rocky band around the sun in a close and speedy orbit. This orbit closes in on the sun a little bit each year, and the Priests of Ando Prime say that when the Band of Sish closes around Ando...the end of all will have arrived. Ando Prime on the otherhand is at a very distant orbit...and suffers from intense cold year-round as a result. It is here on this icy mountainous planet that the ancient religion makes its home. They believe in and worship an almost forgotten pantheon of gods, and though these Monks are viewed with respect throughout Sector 42, they are seen as a bit odd. They are known for their martial arts skill as well as their powerful chanting, which some claim to be the voice of the gods themselves. These Monks seek no recruits, but year after year unsought recruits scrape together enough money to travel to Ando Prime and join the small order. Occasionally a powerful family will give the youngest brother to the order to prevent future infighting in the family. The Jedi are more than willing to coexist with this ancient religion, and Jedi Lords have decreed that it is not heresy...nor dangerous to accept advice or help from the Monks of Ando-Prime.

THE ANGRY SIBLINGS (MAD TWINS) SYSTEM - This system has twin suns, Eline and Maron. A lifeless crusy planet called Wegan helps balance the course of the system's other planet...Tibaroe. The lush jungle planet of Tibaroe is home to the Golden Race, a proud and powerful race of warriors. It is an ancient race, and it has been said that the Golden Race has forgotten more technology than most planets currently possess in Sector 42. In the Shadow War it was the might of the Men of Gold that turned the tide...and they paid a heavy price. Only one in four of those that left Tibaroe actually returned. It had always been a race of two classes...the Warriors and the Technologists. After the War, the technologists claimed they were treated as slaves and demanded their freedom. A civil war began that lasted centuries. The Golden City slowly deteriorated as the slave faction built rebel bases in the jungles and the warriors had not the knowledge or ability to perform repairs. Wood Demons called Tikari took a toll on Warrior and Rebel alike, and chaos has ruled these last 500 years. The High Lord Vorgan, King of the Golden Race recently made peace with the rebels, going completely against the advice of his Blood Priest, Bishop Landron. The reunited Golden Race is working at rebuilding its fallen city...and pushing back the Tikari hoards once and for all...but is it too late?