AL MORD: This was Vette's Fight Manager when he used to prize fight in the slave city. He protected Vette, and even when Vette's instinctive use of the Force made it seem like he cheated in the Fights, Al Mord made sure the crowds never got ahold of Vette to exact there vengence. A few days after the power core units went down...Al Mord arranged a meeting with the party. He pledged his fighters to the cause...and he promised to contact Fight Managers in other buroughs and persuade them to join the rebellion on Milos. You all feel he has some motivation besides the idea of "Freedom" or "doing the right thing..." but at this point, any help is welcome, despite the reasons behind it.

BEAM OF CLEAR SIGHT - A little over a thousand years ago, a sect of Jedi discovered this powerful source or focus of Force energy...and established a temple on the moon Melan-Ker in the Aloren System. It is said that a Jedi can always find his way (morally) by following the light of this Beam. The White Tower was built around the source of the Beam.

BOT WELO -  Bot Welo is a Rodian scout and pilot from the scrap-moon of Muni deep within Hutt Space. Though he has a weakness for get-rich-quick schemes, he is essentially good at heart. Bot loves to fly, and he has really become enamored of the backwater regions of the Republic. Bot still worries about the Hutt bounty on his head. Hopefully, being this far from the Republic Core and from Hutt Space offers some protection.

DOVIN-KANT - An older priest on the planet Ando-Prime. Morgan Cloud went to him for advice regarding dark dreams...and Dovin-Kant told Morgan to leave Ando-Prime and seek out the Seer, a Master Jedi on the moon order to seek his destiny.

FATHER TRADEAU: You met up with this impatient and bad-tempered man in the Slophouse - Dice and Booze. He led you to the Church of Fire...and the Fire Mages that tended the Ring of Fire. After the Mages shut down the power core units, Father Tradeau explained that over the years the Mages had used their ability to shape and control energy to "tap into" the Hindar Clans power source. They had used it as a tool to spy on the Hindar Clan...and that they had reserved their ability to shut down the power core, until their legend of the Slave and the Prince had come to be!

FENDORA-BENGALA: The name of the system you are in, and the Trade Federation that makes its home here, and the name of the most populated planet in this system.

HINDAR CLAN: The Family and political powerhouse that manages Milos for Fendora-Bengala.

HINDAR, C.E.O. MORLAN: Head of the Hindar Clan, Morlan uses the Twilight Guard to control the slaves of Milos with an iron fist.

KENAI MOONGAZER -  Kenai, was brought up from Cordawan to Melan-Ker when he was 13 to serve and act as a quartermaster to the young Jedi in training...the Padawans. When he got older it became evident that he was strong and fast, and the Jedi promoted him to trainer-status. When you reached the age of 23 you were allowed to begin accompanying Jedi off-moon on diplomatic and humanitarian missions. The Seer himself requested Kenai protect Morgan Cloud in his travels.

KIB - According to the Monks of Ando-Prime, Kib is a small god who tired of the first game of the gods. Kib made the sign of Kib and the worlds were covered with beast for Kib to play with. Later Kib became bored with the second game of the gods. He again made the sign of Kib and the worlds were covered with men.

LADA NIKTA - Lada is the leader of "Vendi Optune." He wears a richly made clothing. This pirate-entrepreneur made some legendary runs into Core Space...but, he is intentionally not as well known in the Outer Rim. Lada is fairly polite in his manners, and thinks of himself as fairly civilized and well-travelled gentleman-Duro.

MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI - According to the Monks of Ando-Prime, Mana existed before all things...and that he created the small gods. Since that time he has slumbered. It is said that once he awakens, he will wither the creations of the small gods with his rebuking laughter. Skarl's drums are said to prolong Mana's infinite slumber.

MEBLER-TON - When Morgan first went to Melan-Ker and lived among the Cordawans, he befriended this Padawan and began to train with him...and his friends. This is how Morgan first met the Padawan's Master...Rhee-Gon.

MED TINDLE - Med's a 45-year-old human from Fendora-Bengala, who serves as a trade expert and fence for the Vendi Optune. His gray hair is slowing thinning, and his blue eyes are piercing. Med is normally kept behind the scenes, for he is the financial expert that helped construct the financial structures that have made Vendi Optune so successful. He keeps the books that document the relationship between the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corporation and the Vendi Optune.

MILAS: The name of the star in the Fendora-Bengala System.

MILOS: Name of tidal-locked planet you are on. It is ringed by an industrial ring that circles the planet on the fringe between the perpetually dark and light sides of the planet. This is the Twilight Sector.

MINKYWA: Junk shop owner who was supposed to receive the load of guns, marked and disquised as "parts." You have not yet retrieved these guns....

MORGAN CLOUD -  Sent to train with the Monks of Ando Prime at a very young age, Morgan is the 3rd son in a very wealthy family. Morgan is unsure if he was sent to Ando Prime to prevent sibling competition, or as part of some political deal. He left Ando Prime due to rising religious doubts in his mind, and travelled to Melan-Ker to contact the Jedi. He has since renewed his faith....

MUNG - According to the Monks of Ando-Prime, Mung is a small god who became jealous of Kib when the second game of the gods began. Mung sent death to the worlds among the beasts. Later, Mung sent death among men. Mung is a jealous god, and takes his vengeance on those that do the work of Mung.

NABEN LEEDS: Factory Manager of the Factory above the burough you are currently in...he was very scared of cooperating with the rebellion, but he was willing to confirm that everything created in the factory is eventually dismantled, only to be built and dismantled, again and again! He was once like a father to Vette, but at least at this time, he does not want to be involved in the rebellion.

MASTER OAHT-GOTH - Oaht-Goth's skin is a rich healthy flesh color, with fierce black tattoos applied in a jagged pattern. He considers himself a "Mindari-Zabrak." Master Goth wears a black flight-suit.. It has been years since a Jedi of the Republic was sent to Sector 42, but the large disturbance in the Force located on the the planet Peren forced the Jedi Council to assign someone to look into the problem.

QUINN ROLDOON -  Quinn Roldoon comes from the Mengol System. He was born in the moon-dome of his father...a Blood Prince, some 42 people distant from the Blood Throne. Quinn himself was 65 people distant from being the Prince Prime...ultimate ruler of the Mengol System. Quinn was trained in the ways of ceremonial combat, and later rejected the values of his family...travelling to Melan-Ker to train with the Jedi of the White Tower.

RHEE-GON - A Jedi Master on the moon Melan-Ker in the Aloren System. He is responsible for training many young Padawans.

SEER, THE - Called the "One Who Sees All" by the Jedi of the White Tower, the Seer is said to have lost his sight in direct combat with Darth Vile at the end of the Shadow War in Sector 42. His true name was Mede-Won. He is extremely old...and his presence seems somehow less that completely physical in nature when you meet him. He never leaves his chamber at the top of the White Tower...near the source of the Beam of Clear Sight.

SISH - According to the Monks of Ando-Prime, Sish is a small god who's hound is Time. Before Sish walks Kib (life), and behind him goeth Mung (death). It is said that Sish's hound, Time, will one day turn upon his masters (the small gods and all their creations as well).

SKARL - According to the Priests of Ando-Prime, Skarl is a small god who beats his drum in order to prolong Mana-Yood-Sushai's infinite slumber. It is said that one day Skarl's arm will tire, and Mana will awake and end all things with his rebuking laughter.

SLID - According to the Priests of Ando-Prime, Slid is a small god who is the Lord of the gliding waters. It was Slid who said that men should pray to the gods of Doing (the small gods) and not to the god of Having Done (Mana-Yood-Sushai). If man will pray to the small gods, Slid will bring death when man is most in need of it.

TIBER - Bartender in the Gutter on Milos. He is horribly scarred on his face and hands.

TON-KIMBLE: Head of one of the rebel cells, he seems to possess both contacts with the Church of Fire, but also limited use of fire magic. He is bald-headed, older, thin, but obviously fit and strong. He is a natural leader.

TWILIGHT BATTLE - This huge battle took place over the planet of Milos in the Fendora-Bengala System. Corporate Avengers and Deathseeds battled against a determined Mick-Rick fleet...while Jedi of the White Tower squared off against Darth Vile and his Vilardeen Shades. Darth Vile was seemingly destroyed, and the F-B Trade Corporation dealt a serious blow. Milos itself was literally torn in half by a massive explosion in her core.

TWILIGHT SECTOR - The name given to the industrial belt around Milos. It is populated with slaves and exclusively managed by the Hindar Clan...a position granted by the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corporation.

VENDI OPTUNE - A pirate/black market organized crime group that works the Outer Rim. It is run by Lada Nikta, has Vrusk Kryl'ion for its intelligence agent, and Med Tindle as its trade expert and fence. They recently began working a contract with the Fendora Bengala Trade Corporation to exploit the planet Peren.

VETTE VANJOR -  Vette was raised on the slave-planet of Milos. He went on to be trained by the Jedi of the White Tower. Darth Vile was able to taint Vette with the Dark Side. Vette now is setup with a small inter-stellar craft named the Gray Sunrise, which is piloted by Bot Welo. His current employer has sent him to join up with Quinn Roldune, Kenai Moongazer, a Morgan Cloud, and some other individuals on a mission for the Jedi of the White Tower.

VRUSK KRYL'ION - An Intelligence Agent for the Vendi Optune. He is tall for a Bothan...about 1.6 meters tall. His fiery eyes sparkle with knowledge and thirsts for knowledge...and the power it brings. He not only brings outside information into the Vendi Optune, but regulates and reports on rumors and gossip within the organization as well. It is Vrusk Kryl'ion that conducts negotiations for the organization, as well as overseeing any enforcement actions that are taken.

WALA: A plump dark-haired woman in her late forties...she is a healer for Ton-Kimble's faction of rebels. She has all sorts of folk cures, that smell and burn...but seem to promote healing. She is a bit rough about the edges, but obviously cares for those she heals.

WHITE TOWER - At the center of the Jedi complex on the moon Melan-Ker in the Aloren System, this Tower was built around the base of the Beam of Clear Sight...a source or focus of great Force energy. The Seer remains in his chamber at the top of this tower.

ZENGREL: The rebel spy that you rescued. He was able to tell you about the "dismantling" factories on level (3), and the children "farms" on level (4). He was extremely affected by his experience with the "Shade" he ran into, and will speak no further of the encounter. Quinn is convinced that Zengrel has not been "tainted" by the evil he much as "damaged."