The Story of the Young Jedi Lord Mede-Won and His Battle with Darth Vile,

the Dark Lord of Vilardeen at the End of the Shadow War

A red-golden light streams in through the complex glass and metal-work of the throne room's ceiling. The ornately carved pillars stand silent witness to the tragedy that is unfolding. Chaos mills about you as members of the healers guild of the Golden City labor to save Famaril, The Green Prince of Tibaroe. His warrior's frame quakes as the Tikari poison courses through his veins. His torn clothing is soaked with sweat, and through the crowd of people surrounding where he lies prone, you catch a glimpse of his face - eyes rolled back into his head, lips pulled back over his teeth in a pained grimace, and his complexion white and pasty, except around his eyes where the skin is sunken and dark. High Lord Vorgan stands by his throne his chin upon his chest, his hands clutched at his sides. Bishop Landron, the Blood Priest of Victory, stands by his side offering his wisdom and counsel. You wonder to yourself what hard advice or dark information the Bishop is passing to his Lord.

It was only moments before that you helped carry brave and wounded Famaril into the audience chamber. Only moments before Famaril, in his last waking action, pulled a small technological artifact from his cloak and handed it off to the Golden Kingdom's Master Technologist, the 30-fingered Xexto, Davis Pern. Pern had taken the metal globe, bristling with stems, wires, and output ports, and scurried from the room.

It all began just days ago in the Aloren System, on the largest moon of the gas-giant Titelan - Melan-Ker. There you were called to the Jedi Temple, to the Seer's quarters on the top floor of The White Tower. You were led up the spiral stairs that wind around the Beam of Clear Sight at the center of the ancient Tower. Tchor-won, the master that currently teaches both of you, walked tall and proud before you. All he would say to you before he led you into the tower was that the Seer had called for you. When you asked him why, he looked back and forth between you, and said, "Just know that a time comes for each of us when we must become that which we are meant to be. Each of us will have our part to play, but we have worked long and hard in the hope that both of you could be made ready for your special part." Once you entered the tower itself Tchor-Won had said nothing.

The bright white light of the Beam coursed past you, upwards towards the top of the tower. It is there that it spills forth across the cosmos...tracing a straight and true path for all those willing to follow. At the top of the tower stands the door to the Seer's chambers. Neither of you had ever actually met the Seer, for he lives in quiet solitude, only occasionally doling out great wisdom, when such wisdom is needed. The Seer' attendants stepped from your path, and Tchor-Won stepped aside. "The path is now yours alone to walk."

Entering the Seer's chambers, you first noticed the pure white beam bursting from a hole in the floor, and rushing out into the starry night. You sensed in the beam the pure clarity of truth and of just wisdom. Your eyes were slowly drawn to a slight robed figure standing before a large round window. The figure was small and stooped and for a moment you thought that the stars that should be obscured by the figure, shined through its worn robes. The Seer appeared to be whispering to himself, or someone unseen. "They are young...but we were young once my friends..."

The Seer's tone changed and his voice became less friendly, and more fatherly. "Quinn-Roldoon, fallen prince of the Blood Moon, out to prove the goodness and power of your line...and Vette-Vanjor, poor in origins and rich in spirit, there is so much more for both of you to learn." The Seer rattled and shook and you felt that perhaps he was half-suppressing a laugh.

"Besides your training in the use of the force, I have been assured that Tchor-won has taught you something of Jedi history. Suffer me a chance to re-tell some of that history...for I lived it and I fear we shall all live some of it again.

"We came to this isolated area of space some 500 years ago. A cancer was growing...a evil that threatened to spread. The Universe seemed young then...we were so full of hope and so...immortal. A Dark Lord was gathering men and power to himself. The Black Land of Vilardeen, which lies shadowed beneath the Midnight Star, was his home. He made shades of men, and his dark knights spread his evil faith from planet to planet with violence and black magicks.

"With the coming of the Jedi, a vast war was sparked. The Shadow War lasted some 20 years, a war of destruction and death. A war of intrigue and open battlefields. A war of light versus darkness. All of us grew from hopeful boys to hardened men, strong in the force and sure of ourselves. The Shadow War forged a powerful knighthood of Jedi, and we made our home on the forest moon of Melan-Ker in the Aloren system. We made the lusty and passionate Cordawans our loyal squires...and battle and struggle against the Dark Vilars became our life. Many innocents fell in that struggle...and many of the Jedi hosts." The Seer turned back towards the round window and for several minutes he said nothing.

Finally he began again, "We discovered that the darkness of the Vilardeen system was mirrored in the powerful light of the Tibaroe system. The purity and strength of the Warriors of the Golden Race tipped the balance in the Shadow War. Vilar power was countered and beaten where-ever it faced the proud blood of the Men of Gold. A broad alliance of systems pushed back the Knights of Shade, and the Shadow War was brought to the Dark Lord's doorstep. At the head of the assault on the planet beneath the Midnight Star, was the Golden Race...and they suffered greatly for their boldness. One in four of those that left Tibaroe would return.

"In an act of desperation, the Vilars made a surprise attack on the Jedi temple here on Melan-Ker. The Dark Lord himself led an entire Legion of Shades, and a great final battle was raised. The Darkness and the Light struggled back and forth for days, but in the end in this very room, a powerful young Jedi, a Jedi who had come to lead the Knights of the White Tower, faced off against the Dark Lord himself. The young Jedi, Mede-Won, was a master with his saber, and pure of heart. The Dark Lord had been known throughout the ages by many names in many places, but he was now known as Darth Vile. So strong was his connection with the Dark Side, that a bitter cold emanated from his very soul into the air about him.

"The walls of this room were covered in frost, and Mede-Won's breath froze in his throat and came out in large white clouds. The hum and screech of good and evil light-sabers clashing on the temple grounds could be heard, and Mede-Won's saber shined yellow and bright. Darth Vile's red saber buzzed and hummed, and with great power and force he brought it to bare against Mede-Won's more subtle talents. For hours the two of them moved through an intricate dance of battle, around and around the Beam of Clear Sight they circled. It was then that it happened..." The Seer again fell silent...and you waited patiently for him to continue.

“Darth Vile struck boldly at Mede-Won's face, and though the young Jedi was fast, he was...not fast enough. In a searing cloud of steam, Mede-Won's eyes were burnt from his face, and young Jedi fell to the floor screaming what he thought would be his final scream. But Darth Vile withheld the final blow, and began to taunt the young knight. ‘The battle is ended in a most fitting way. You have been blind to the uselessness of your resistance, and now you are truly blind. My only regret is that you will not be able to see the rise of my dark kingdom with your own eyes, Jedi. I will gladly try to find proper words to describe it to you...have no fear.’”

"Mede-Won became aware that he could see Darth Vile circling him. He became aware that he could see the battle in the temple, he could see Warriors of the Golden Race cutting down Shades on Vilardeen, he could see Mick-Ricks boarding Vilar ships, he could see priests chanting on Ando Prime, he could see slaves struggling in the Megol System...he could see everything! Rising to his feet, he faced Darth Vile, and with his new sight he looked deep into the Dark Lord's soul. Darth Vile looked back into the young Jedi's empty sockets...and his dark taunts suddenly ended. Mede-Won's saber flashed on, and in the same movement it cut through the Dark Lord's silver armor and deep into his body. With a loud fearful screech, the Dark Lord fell, and the Shadow War ended.

"From that day, I have watched the Universe with empty eyes...and I see all. A Darkness is gathering once again, and if we fail, then the light will fail, and the Dark will swallow all. Our ancient alliance has fallen prey to the powers of commerce...and so old are our bonds with our ancient allies, that they may never be reforged. It sorrows me to say that many young Jedis have been lost in recent months. I pray that they died in valiant battle against the evil...but I fear they have instead fallen to its bitter seduction. Three very powerful Jedis we have lost...three that you knew. Proud and clever Mardon-Quee, young smart Targen-Netto, and the ever-kind Barnew. Many others we have lost...and I do not sense them among the hosts of Jedis that have passed from the world. I fear we shall lose this war before it has begun.

"You will travel to Tibaroe, to meet with High Lord Vorgan, leader of the Golden Race. His lands are in disarray and disuse, and the light of that proud people has faded. You will be beacons of light in their midst, and you will lead our bold allies back to the golden path. Looking ahead to events yet to be, I see that you will save Vorgan's family...protecting his powerful line. Then you will save his people...protecting their purity and strength. And finally, you will struggle to save his soul...though the resolution of this matter is beyond my reckoning. Empty eyes see only so far. Though you are young, you are strong in the force, and you are hopeful...and confident in your immortality. May the force be with you..."

The Seer turned away from you, and you knew that your audience with him was finished. As you turned to leave his chambers, you heard him speaking quietly to himself, "No my friends, I disagree. They are ready."

It was that meeting that prompted you to travel to the Tibaroe System on the Laughing Tingra, with Meko Dayspinner at the helm. Capt. Beragald and a unit of Golden Warriors led you to the Golden Palace...and there you met High Lord Vorgan, The Blood Priest of Victory Bishop Landron, and the Chief Technologist Davis Pern.

You reacted to the news that Vorgan's son Famaril, the Green Prince of Tibaroe, was encircled, by borrowing skim-tanks and travelling into the fallen city. The broadcast power of the ancient power-core at the center of the Golden City, propelled your vehicles to the Prince's rescue. You faced incredible odds against the Tikari hoard, and the dark magicks of a Tikari Shaman, but in the end you pulled the injured Famaril from the battle pile. You were foiled in your attempts to contact the humans that covered your retreat back to the Golden City. Who were they, and why did they fight for you? What strange technology did Famaril bring back to Davis Pern? What strange fever has stricken the brave Prince? Why did the Tikari attack in such numbers...what has brought to them this new boldness? We shall see...