Some 10 centuries ago a small number of Jedi established a home on a moon in the Aloren System of what is now known as Sector 42 of the Republic. They had chosen to build a White Tower to be their home, and they found a mystic site on which to build it. Around the Beam of Clear Sight they constructed their holy tower. They soon found the culture of the Cordawans on another moon in their system, and set about "taming" the wild red race. They gave them purpose, and knowledge, and a certain amount of control over their raging tempers...and they chose to rule them. From that moment forward the Jedi and the people of Cordawan have been linked by a bond unbreakable. To this day the Cordawans serve as pilots, scientists, squires, and laborers for the more spiritual Jedi.

A little over 500 years ago a cancer was growing...a evil that threatened to spread. The Jedi sent out word that other Jedi should gather to them at the White Tower. As many came as were called and the Knighthood of the White Tower was formed to face the coming threat.

A Dark Lord was gathering men and power to himself. The Black Land of Vilardeen, which lies shadowed beneath the Midnight Star, was his home. He made shades of men, and his dark knights spread his evil faith from planet to plane with violence and black magicks.

With the coming of the Jedi in numbers, a vast war was sparked. The Shadow War lasted 20 years, a war of destruction and death. A war of intigue and open battlefields. A war of light versus darkness. The Jedi quickly changed from young hopeful boys to hardened men, strong in the force and sure of themselves. The Shadow War forged the new Knighthood in the hottest of fires, and their Temple on the forest moon of Melan-Ker grew. The lusty and passionate Cordawans were loyal squires...and battle against the Dark Vilars became their sole purpose. Many innocents fell in the struggle...and many of the Jedi hosts.

It was eventually discovered that the darkness of the Vilardeen System was mirrored in the powerful light of the Tibaroe System. The purity and strength of the Warriors of the Golden Race tipped the balance in the Shadow War. Vilar power was countered and beaten-back where-ever it faced the proud blood of the Men of Gold. A broad alliance of systems pushed back the Knights of Shade, and the Shadow War was brought to the Dark Lord's doorstep. At the head of the assault on the planet beneath the Midnight Star, was the Golden Race...and they suffered greatly for their boldness. One in four of those that left Tibaroe would return. One in four.

In an act of desperation, the Vilars made a surprise attack on the Jedi Temple on Melan-Ker. The Dark Lord himself led an entire Legion of Shades, and a great final battle was raised. The Darkness and the Light struggled back and forth for days, but in the end the battle itself...the entire war would be decided by one Jedi who dared face the Dark Lord. In the top room of the White Tower a young Jedi Lord named Mede-Won, a master with his saber, and pure of heart...waited for the Darkness.

The Dark Lord has been known throughout the ages by many names in many places, but now he was known as Darth Vile. So strong was his connection with the Dark Side, that a bitter cold emanated from his very soul into the air about him. It was this bitter cold that made Mede-Won shiver...certainly not fear.

The walls of the room were covered in frost, and the young Jedi's breath frozed in his throat and came out in large white clouds. The hum and screech of good and evil light-sabers clashing on the temple grounds could be heard, and Mede-Won's saber shined yellow and bright. Darth Vile's saber buzzed and hummed, and with great power and force he brought it to bare against Mede-Won's more subtle talents. For hours the two of them moved through an intricate dance of battle, around and around the Beam of Clear Sight they circled. It was then that it happened. With amazing quickness Darth Vile swung at the Jedi Lord's face, and in cloud of steam his eyes were burned from his face.

The Dark One circled the young Jedi, taunting him...and telling him his plans for the enslavement of all every corner of space. The young Jedi gathered himself...put away his pain...and trusted his inner spirit. Though sightless, he could imagine Warriors of the Golden Race cutting down Shades on Vilardeen...Mick-Ricks boarding Vilar ships...Priests singing a chant of peace on Ando Prime...slaves struggling for freedom in the Megol System...and he knew he could not let them down. Mede-Won stood and faced his enemy. The Dark Lord's taunts ended as he stared into the empty black eye sockets of the young Jedi. Mede-Won's saber flashed on, and with a mighty blow he cut through the Dark Lord's silver armor and deep into his body. With a loud fearful screech the Dark Lord fell, and the Shadow War ended.

Over the last 500 years the old alliance has fallen prey to the powers of commerce...and the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. has such strong hold over many systems in Sector 42, that it practically owns them. The small portion of the Golden Race that actually returned from Vilardeen to Tibaroe has fallen into barbarism. Up until very recently it has been divided by a civil-war and preyed upon by a dark race of humanoid creatures that dwell in Tibaroess vast jungles. The Mick-Ricks have fallen from space exploration and deeds of bravery to common piracy against the F-B Trade Corp. The people of Mengol are still enslaved, though now their master is the F-B Trade Corp., instead of the Blood Princes of Mengol. And Vilardeen...a dark wasteland, is haunted perhaps by the remanent shades of the Vilars...who really knows...

Now it is our turn to make history....