The sun's name is Aloren, and it has only one planet, a huge gas giant named Titelan. Titelan has 6 moons, two of which are capable of supporting life. The largest of these two is Cordawan, inhabited by a human race with scarlet red skin, this planet is mostly grass-covered sloping hills and is graced with temperate temperatures year-round. The Cordawans are a rowdy and childlike race...any moment they can be either happy and fairly pleasant or angry and extremely is difficult to find a bland Cordawan. The second inhabitable moon is Melan-Ker. It is much smaller than Cordawan and is covered with dense forests. It is here that the White Tower stands casting the Beam of Clear Sight out across the is here that the Jedi Brotherhood called the Knights of the White Tower make there is here that the young Jedi Lord Mede-Won ended the Shadow War by striking down Darth Vile after a bloody battle for the Tower! Since the rise of the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. the Jedi have had a poor relationship with the greedy Robber-Barons. For this reason the Aloren System is off-limits to the F-B Trade Corp...and in the Trade Corp.'s view that is practically an act of war.