This system has twin suns, Eline and Maron. A lifeless crusy planet called Wegan helps balance the course of the system's other planet...Tibaroe. The lush jungle planet of Tibaroe is home to the Golden Race, a proud and powerful race of warriors. It is an ancient race, and it has been said that the Golden Race has forgotten more technology than most planets currently possess in Sector 42. In the Shadow War it was the might of the Men of Gold that turned the tide...and they paid a heavy price. Only one in four of those that left Tibaroe actually returned. It had always been a race of two classes...the Warriors and the Technologists. After the War, the technologists claimed they were treated as slaves and demanded their freedom. A civil war began that lasted centuries. The Golden City slowly deteriorated as the slave faction built rebel bases in the jungles and the warriors had not the knowledge or ability to perform repairs. Wood Demons called Tikari took a toll on Warrior and Rebel alike, and chaos has ruled these last 500 years. The High Lord Vorgan, King of the Golden Race recently made peace with the rebels, going completely against the advice of his Blood Priest, Bishop Landron. The reunited Golden Race is working at rebuilding its fallen city...and pushing back the Tikari hoards once and for all...but is it too late?

TIBAROE - After reading the history of the Shadow War and the summaries of The Worlds of Sector 42, you can see that the Golden Race was pretty important in the fight against the Dark Lord of Vilardeen, Darth Vile. I wanted to give you some more details about your character would not seem like such a stranger to the place!

It is a planet covered with thick jungle. A trail not travelled for a few days is swallowed beyond recognition most times. The black skinned, yellow eyed Tikari, or Wood Demons as the Golden Race calls them...have plagued the Golden Race for as long as anyone can remember. They are fierce in battle, fight in great numbers, and carry nearly indestructable black jagged swords. Some fight with a sword in both hands. If you encounter a large amount of Tikari, there will often be a Shaman with them. The Shaman are pure evil, and have the power to cast spells that affect jungle plants, bringing them alive for a brief but destructive amount of time.

The Golden City is at the top of a high cliff. The Fallen City lies below, swallowed by the Jungle and occupied by hoards of Tikari. A great gate is set into the wall of the cliff, and this leads to tunnels beneath the Golden City. The Men of Gold guard this gate with their life, for were the Tikari to breach the gate, it would be the end of your race. An interesting legend exists that a King often refered to as Brave Tennor made peace with the Tikari...but they betrayed him. When he least expected it, they made their way into the tunnels below the Golden City and were poised to wipe your race off of the planet. Brave Tennor marched into the tunnels with his men...and he personally made a stand against the Tikari on a thin bridge over a pool of lava. Eventually he was cut down and fell, but his men rallied and held the thin bridge, thus averting disaster.

Read the words to the song: "Brave Tennor's Tale"

Special high-explosives are planted before the gate that guards the tunnels beneath the city. At the command of the King, Demolitions Sgt. Micklin detonates whatever charges it takes to drive back the occasional Tikari advance. Some say that the King has charges planted in other places, and that Sgt. Micklin holds the key to setting off any one of the charges...all in defense of you Race of course.

The Golden City itself was once a thriving metropolis. Hover cars flitted and buzzed around its golden towers. The sun itself seemed to come down and touch the polished stone inlaid with metel that made up tall spires, such did they glow with an unnatural golden light. There were well-tended gardens with all manner of beautiful flowers and exotic plants. The fountains gurgled out melodious bubbling song...and the streets, made of the same polished stone inlaid with metel, were filled as far as one could see with the proud tall men and women of the Golden Race!

Now the city's golden spires are tarnished and old, the gardens over-grown, the fountains choked with vines, and the rubble-strewn streets empty of people. Basic lighting and heating is all the ancient power generator which hums in the center of the city now provides...

Only when you taste of the legendary Golden Mead, do you sense the glory of the past...

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