The sun's name is Milas, and to represent how close the orbit of the closest planet is, it is called Milos (female/male versions of the same word). Milos is tidal locked and practically uninhabitable, but the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. wastes nothing. A thin strip of industial complexes and manufacturing circle this small super hot/cold planet in the twilight-zone between the light and dark sides of the planet. The CPO Morlan Hindar of the Hindar Clan and his elite troops the Twilight Guard rule this industrial zone with an iron fist. Morlan's Clan has held this position ever since Morlan's great-grandfather destroyed a workers' revolt on the planet. The second planet is Tenori and despite its harsh environment it is a rich with metels and other raw materials. It is one large planet-sized strip mine. The third and final planet is Fendora-Bengala, named for the two powerful families that merged their financial interests after the Shadow War and formed the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. It was once a lush planet, but years of industry and over-development have left its atmosphere dark and smoke-filled, its land covered with cement and plas-steel, and its people heavy in spirit. It is said that money has become everything to them, and they are slaves to their greed.