The Mick-Ricks call their sun "Mother." Mother has 5 major planets with a total of 9 moons, as well as over 25 planetoids both natural and artificial that the Mick-Rick civilization made hospitible to life long in it's past. The civilization is so old, that though it has been continuous, much of its past is forgotten and lost. The Mick-Ricks themselves have a dark hard skin, and though clearly humanoid in shape and intelligence, their bodyparts are segmented and visibly jointed. Their faces are angular and thin, and sport large light colored eyes. For the 3 or 4 centuries prior to the Shadow War, the Mick-Ricks focused on space exploration and deep space adventure. No quest was too big or dangerous, and they became known for their single-minded daringness. During the Shadow War they struggled in space battle after space battle, their navies challenging the Vilar Navy at every turn. Despite great losses, and the fact the tide had definitely turned in the Vilars' favor, the Mick-Ricks were still on the offensive right up to the end of the war. It was only with the coming of peace that it became clear how much they had lost. They became isolated and hermit-like for four centuries after the war, but over the last 100 years the Mick-Ricks have reamerged successfully as pirates, at great cost to the Fendora-Bengala Trade Corp. They are known still for their daring and fearlessness, though their new lawlessness has discouraged outside contact with them. No one really knows what form their government now takes, or what the condition of their civilization is.