The Ohiri system features two planets and an asteroid belt. The innermost planet is Taul, a desert planet run by the Taul crime family. The Taul's are Zabraks, and have controlled the Ohiri system for generations, ever since the first hyperspace lane found its way there. The current patriarch of the family is Tormen Taul, a cold and calculating man that lets nothing stand in his way. 

There is one space port on Taul, named Maldure, and all space traffic is directed to this port. Those deviating from this flight path are warned once, and then set upon mercilessly by fighter craft and medium gunships. Every illicit pleasure or vice in the known universe is available for a price in Maldure. Every sort of contraband can be purchased there. Pirates, assassins, and bounty hunters abound in this criminal haven.

It is said that away from Maldure, there are hidden factories on the planet Taul. But the rumors vary as to the purpose and extent of this secret production system.

The asteroid belt Ohiri System appears to be unexplored and unexploited. 

The second planet in the Ohiri System is Sosh, located on the outermost edge of the system. Sosh is an ice planet. Beneath its ice and snow, in the depths of the planet's crust, Sosh holds something very valuable. It is widely known that the Taul crime family has contracts with the Fendora-Bengalla Trade Corporation that allows them to operate mines deep beneath the surface of Sosh, but rumors vary as to what they are mining. But, these mining contracts encourage Fen-Ben to give the Taul crime family some leeway in Sector 42 for their illicit activities.