The Midnight Star, Darth Vile, and Vilar Shades

This small dark sun is called the Midnight Star. It's rays bathe the dark solitary planet of Vilardeen in a hellish blue light. It was here over 500 years ago that a Dark Lord rose up on Vilardeen...he made shades out of men, and his dark knights spread his evil faith from planet to planet by use of bloody violence and black magicks. Darth Vile, as the Dark Lord came to be known, drove his heartless Vilars across this sector in the 20 year long Shadow War...and if not for the strategy-making of the Jedi and the brute force of a direct assault by the Golden Race of Tibaroe on Vilardeen, he would have succeeded. No one travels to this system, and it is assumed that the surface of Vilardeen continues to be a lifeless wasteland.

It is said that the Dark Side has corrupted the planet entirely, and some whisper that a Dark Side Nexus is located under the surface of the planet.