The medium sized sun of this system gives off an orangish glow. There are two planets circling the Sun, Xulea 1 and Xulea 2. Xulea 1 is larger and is almost completely covered in croplands. This agricultural planet was developed by Roldoon family of the Mengol System. The farming is mainly done by droids, large and small, and a small population of Mechanics maintain them in working order.

Xulea 2 is a smaller planet covered with both forests and grassy plains. The yellow skinned natives of this planet have a low technological level, and have been ruled remotely by the Roldoon Family for endless generations. Xulea 2 exists purely for the entertainment and amusement of the Roldoons and other elite families with which they are aligned. Since the Roldoons formed a close relationship with the Fendora-Bengalla Trade Corporation, executives from this corporate power also get to visit Xulea 2 as a reward for good work and hitting their profit goals.