Nar Vuska joined the Renegades on Smuggler's Haven as a young man. It was more a matter of necessity, than something he planned. His parents had died on Level 4 of Smuggler’s Haven when a field malfunction exposed all of Level 4 to the full brunt of the system's sun, the Primal Fire. Faced with starvation, or worse, Vuska joined the Renegades so that he could survive.

As Nar Vuska aged and gained experience, he rose within the ranks of the Renegades. His work-ethic and bravery convinced the Administrator of Smuggler's Haven to give Vuska more and more responsibility for the security of the station.  When Vuska suggested that some of the Renegades be given a ship and split off to raid the Fen-Ben shipping lanes, the Administrator rejected the plan.

Vuska was convinced that a successful raid would convince the Administrator of the soundness of his idea. So, without permission he commandeered a ship and took 20 of the bravest Renegades on an unsanctioned raid.

When Nar Vuska and his 20 Renegades returned to Smuggler's Haven with their ship's hold full of goods, they expected the Administrator to welcome them home.


But, they had miscalculated. The Administrator seized their goods, their ship, and threw them in the station's brig.

After three months of incarceration, the Administrator relented, and released them. He forced upon them a deal, where they would get their ship back, and be able to base their activities out of Smuggler's Haven. But, they would pay the Administrator 40% of their take. But the trust and favor of the Administrator was forever lost to Nar Vuska. Regardless, this arrangement 10 years ago was the beginning of what came to be known as Vuska's Renegades.

Over the ten years of their existence, Vuska's Renegades plagued the shipping lanes of the Fendora-Bengalla Trade Corporation. They fought in innumerable battles in support of the Rebels on both Milos and Mengol. Vuska's Renegades were always spoiling for a fight...especially when that fight was on the side of the people, and a black-eye to the corporate power that dominated the Sector.

Through attrition and death, the Renegades lost personnel over time. Occasionally, Vuska would welcome new people to the crew...but they never lived long.  Two years ago, there were only eight Renegades left, including Vuska in the count. These eight were the toughest and most resilient of the bunch. Through hardships and combat, the group had been distilled down to the best among them. And then everything went wrong.

It took place on a raid on a Fen-Ben trading ship. It was supposed to be an easy score, but it appeared the corporation was ready for them. The trading ship was filled with mercenaries led by an apparent Dark Sider named Vorgan Locke. A tough situation for the Renegades only got harder when Vorgan put his red lightsaber blade through Vuska's chest. The rest of Vuska's Renegades fought a difficult retreat, and were able to get away in their faster ship. But, their leader and several members of their group were now dead.

Over the past two years, Vuska's Renegades have continued their raiding and fighting. No leader has stepped up to replace Vuska, though there are those among the group that help keep their efforts on course. And in honor of their fallen founder, the group continues to be called Vuska's Renegades.

Recently, the Knights of the White Tower approached Vuska's Renegades, and asked them to undertake a mission to the dark wasteland of the Vilardeen System.


Pay was offered and accepted, though it was far less than what one would expect for such a mission. The Renegades go into this mission with their eyes wide open. None of them have any illusions regarding the difficulty or the deadliness of the task ahead of them.