Droid Commando - Vuska’s Renegades - Tom Litster

Originally created as a Series 2 Fendora-Bengala Trade Federation battle droid, Unit# 2.BD-422.4-U was deployed as the OIC of a detachment of droids guarding a Federation fueling station.

Shortly after deployment, the droid security forces found themselves under attack from a group of renegades. To make a long story short, it didn’t go well for the droids. His troops were wiped out, and BD-455 was captured, sans limbs and communication hardware.

BD-455’s next stop was Smuggler’s Haven, where his command codes and officer programming were copied and he was discarded in a junk heap. There he lay for days, just watching his battery drain until his systems shut him down to conserve power.

An indeterminate amount of time later, BD-455 woke up. But he was different now, unburdened. After a brief system diagnosis, he discovered that his programming shackles had been removed. He could think for himself, make decisions autonomously. He was free.

Freedom was strange to BD-455. Even the greater decision-making abilities granted to officer-class battle droids were nothing compared to the total freedom he felt now.

A Slicer had found BD-455’s body and fixed him up, reprogrammed him to remove his corporate processing shackles, and now presented him with a choice: fight back against his creators, or be returned to the scrap heap.

BD-455 chose to fight. At first it was for survival- to avoid the scrapyard- but later, BD-455 found his own cause: to free his fellow droids from Fen-Ben’s shackles and give them their own choice of freedom or servitude.

He sought out a like-minded Slicer, and with his new-found partner began to capture and reprogram as many Fen-Ben droids as they could.

It wasn’t long before they were recruited into Nar Vuska’s group of renegades, and the rest is history.