Shortly after deployment, BD-455 realized this remote refueling station was more than what it seems. It was a secret detention and interrogation center. He wasn’t programmed for this nonsense.

(For the productivity of the federation, and all that.)

The facility was empty at the time when the droid security forces found themselves under attack from a group of rebels. It didn’t go well for the droids. Six Jedi attacked the station. One much older than the rest and most likely their leader. He easily took out the first couple of droids. However, the five support Jedi all turned their attacks on Master Myscle! However, their subversion was hard put against the full might of a Master Jedi.

455 commanded his troops to focus their firepower on the somewhat outnumbered Master Jedi.

That proved a mistake. Any blaster bolt fired at him came straight back at his troops. Master Myscle
telekinetically attached a restraining bolt right onto 455. It stopped him cold and all he could do was watch his troops be wiped out. He did find the ensuing light saber battle quite captivating. Even as the gravely injured Master Jedi slaughtered what now appeared to be his former padawans.

BD-455 was captured, sans communication hardware and no autonomous control. The Jedi was now controlling him. 455 was plugged into the detention center’s systems. The Jedi was too injured to make it back. The Jedi had 455 configure the freeze-packager for human size.

Master Myscle approached BD-455, touching his crown and imbued 455 with the Force. Then turned toward to Carbon Freeze chamber. “HummmDurntVeeet” and Master Myscle was frozen in Carbonite.

455 carried out his instructions and placed the frozen crate in an escape pod, launching it to the planet below.

An indeterminate amount of time later, BD-455 woke up. But he was different now, unburdened.  After a brief system diagnosis, he discovered that his programming shackles had been removed. He could think for himself, make decisions autonomously. He was free.

Freedom was strange to BD-455. Even the greater decision-making abilities granted to officer-class battle droids were nothing compared to the total freedom he felt now. The combination of the bot- device and Force awakened 455. The bot-device reprogrammed him to remove his corporate processing shackles.

The station began receiving inquires about the status of the ‘prisoner’. After some awkward responses from 455, the coms went ‘down’ and 455 decided it was time to leave. So, he took the dead Jedi’s shuttle craft and flew where no one would look for him, Sector 42.

BD-455’s next stop was Smuggler’s Haven, where he crash landed. Scavengers sold his command codes and officer programming and was discarded in a junk heap. There he lay for days, just watching his battery drain until his systems shut him down to conserve power.

A Slicer had found BD-455’s body and fixed him up, recharged him and helped him navigate his new world, and now presented him with a choice: fight back against his creators, or be returned to the scrap heap.

BD-455 chose to fight. At first it was for survival- to avoid the scrapyard- but later, BD-455 found his own cause: to free his fellow droids from Fen-Ben’s shackles and give them their own choice of freedom or servitude.

He sought out a like-minded Slicer, and with his new-found partner began to capture and reprogram as many Fen-Ben droids as they could.

It wasn’t long before they were recruited into Nar Vuska’s group of renegades, and the rest is history.

Long Cold Road

Jawas recovered the escape pod and its frozen cargo, selling it as ‘art’ to a rich spice merchant. The meat popsicle garnered many admirers over the years. Until the batteries, drained and the safety mechanism kicked in to defrost its contents.

The bloody mess on the living room floor ruined an otherwise endearing birthday party. Emergency bots were called and within minutes Master Myscle was on his way to joining the living.

Master Myscle's path crossed Vuska's Renegades when the Jedi was sent to ask the Renegades to deal with the mysterious situation on Vilardeen on behalf of the Knights of the White Tower.