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The Argos System is Void Corp sovereign territory. The system contains 11 planets, the third being the primary Argos. Argos is a waterworld, which is currently being exploited for its krill like fishery. Total population on planet is believed to be approximately 45 million. A further 5 million live in L5 colonies and on the surfaces of other planetary bodies, within the system. Argos food paste (produced from the krill like animals) is an excellent protein base for a variety of foods, and is sold throughout the Twilight Sector.

The entire system is quite young, and just at the end of its planetary formation period. Scientists believe that Argos has the potential to develop into a class one world in 600 to 800 million years. For the moment though Argos has an atmosphere dominated by carbon monoxide (and thus unbreathable for humans), and whose highest form of terrestrial life is a primitive lichen like plant.


Discovered in 2342 by a VoidCorp research ship. One of a veritable fleet of such ships, sent out to try and find a viable foothold for VoidCorp in the Twilight Sector. This occurred in response to the Orion's discovery of Terra-Sol. VoidCorp executives must have been disappointed when they discovered they were a few million years early. However Argos provided the motivation for VoidCorp to keep up their intensive search, which eventually lead to the discovery of Ratan.

Little was done to develop the system due to the outbreak of GWII only four years latter. It was over 30 years after discovery that a scientific survey discovered the utility of the massive schools of small krill like organisms, which make up much of the biomass of Argos oceans. Development of the planet was then turned over to VoidCorp's food products division, NutraTekô. NutraTekô spent the next seven decades developing methods and technologies to process the krill into a usable food paste. VoidCorp does not usually announce personnel moves, but it is widely believed that the Director of NutraTekô was demoted for the inordinately long time needed to accomplish this task. At any rate with GWII in full swing it is amazing that VoidCorp could bring adequate personnel to bear so that the massive food stores available on Argos could be processed and distributed. VoidCorps ability to run the Orion blockade of the Twilight Sector has not been explained to this day. However VoidCorp did manage to bring approximately 35 million A, B, C, & D class (laborers) employees to Ratan and begin harvesting and processing krill. VoidCorp then declared both Argos and Ratan open systems, to avoid their destruction by the Orions. Argos began supplying Argos food paste to all the systems within the Twilight Sector. However it is now widely believed they managed to ship large quantities back to VoidCorp sovereign territory as well.

At the conclusion of GWII, NutraTekô aggressively began marketing Argos food paste throughout the Twilight Sector and beyond. They were so successful in developing markets that they were unable to keep up with demand. In 2493, NutraTekô began issuing a few licenses to foreign corporations for the harvesting of krill.


The Argos system is composed of some 11 planets. Going in order outward from the systems single G class star; Tar, Melenthrop, Argos, Ellenda, Virgo, Salenispol, Miredium, Saber, Pelu, Haven, Arkem.


Water covers over 89% of Argos surface. What land area is available is the home of some rather massive volcanoes. The highest form of terrestrial life is primitive lichen. Sea life however is rich and varied. The most abundant is a krill like organism which has become the basis for Argos foodpaste which provides over 31% of the calories consumed by all sentients in the Twilight sector. Higher order life is present in Argo's oceans and scientists estimate that significant terrestrial life will develop within the next few hundred thousand years. There has been talk of introducing non-native terrestrial life and speeding up the evolutionary process in the planet's oceans. This however would require a sizable investment by VoidCorp and to date the corporations management has not shown a willingness to invest in this planet with its close proximity to such strong Orion assets.


The majority of Argo's population of approximately 45 million, composed mostly of lower grade VoidCorp employees, lives in three large cities. These cities are squalid and unkempt. They exist as huge processing centers, the living quarters for the workers are little more than an afterthought. Choices of employment consist of working in the factories, the company stores, or one of the huge harvesters that roam the seas harvesting krill. Within the last decade VoidCorp has opened up a limited number of licenses to off-world (meaning Non-VoidCorp) concerns. The Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative, the MAC, has purchased several of these.

System Security

Argos is guarded by an early GWII vintage cruiser the Sumerset. A small task force including two light carriers attends her. The planet itself has an orbital defense platform. Rumors abound that VoidCorp has stripped the Sumerset of its StarDrive and replaced it with weaponry. All this defensive capability seems unusual for a system that is labeled by most law enforcement agencies as a safe haven for all kinds of illegal activities.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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