William Blythe Eagleclaw - Background

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Your father, Juan William Eagleclaw is a chief of the Lakota Sioux (As a side note, most Indian nations contain many chiefs. The chiefs in council make tribal decisions.). Your mother is Melinda Blythe Eagleclaw; she is the daughter of a prominent Mennonite minister. You were raised on Sioux lands in South Dakota Territory. Your father was a public administrator for the tribe and your mother was a homemaker. You were an only child in fact you were a "test tube" baby as your parents had trouble conceiving.

As a child you had two close friends who were for all intents and purposes your brothers, Jimmy Martinez and Henry Standing Elk. Jimmy has gone on to become an MP (Member of Parliament) from your home district. Henry is now an attorney with Hopwell, Smith and Rodrigez, the largest law firm in Kansas City. Your friends call you "Billy."

You attended college at Chief Red Cloud University in Deadwood, South Dakota Territory. There you made two good friends. One was Christian Marquez. Christian is now an International beat (Terra-Sol) reporter for the Star of the Plains. Your other friend was actually a little more than that. Her name was Camellia Rochane. Like you she heard liberties call, and went to the defense of her country. She served with the 14th Marine Jump Division (just as you did) on Neravax. Unfortunately she didn't make it home. She was killed when guerillas raided the supply base at which she was stationed. She never knew what hit her. A sniper round ended her life.

The campaign for the Neravax system was one of the longest and most difficult ever experienced by the acclaimed 14th Marine Jump Division (divisional motto: Death from Space). The system was taken early in the war from the Ausrin-Ontis, by the Nariac, a VoidCorp client state. The natives had gone communist after nearly a century of Nariac rule and so proved intractable despite the fact that the Treaty of Concord had awarded the system to the Orion's. The conflict turned into a guerilla war, with neither side gaining any clear advantage. There were rumors of VoidCorp involvement and mindwalking soldiers as well as a whole host of other assorted horrors. The 14th as is it's wont adapted to the situation. Marine Corps Intelligence (MCI) developed a new tool to deal with the situation. "Insertion Teams". That's where you come in. You were assigned to one of the first insertion teams. Your mission was to infiltrate enemy positions, illuminate targets, and suppress the target during the insertion of additional marine assets.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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