Summaries of Episodes 1-5

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"Mustering Out"

Participants: Stephanie Fox, Jason Fox, Jared Carson.

None of course, this was a computer simulation.

Description: The players took part in a computer simulation for the purpose of receiving their final rating, as part of their mustering out from the Marines. The scenario was an assault on a planetary base, rescuing some valuable hostages and securing the base. The PC's performed almost flawlessly and received high marks.

"The Kercinkov Case"

Participants: Stephanie Fox, Jason Fox, Jared Carson.

Vladimir Kercinkov: An underworld figure who hired Jared to write a hacking program for him.
Betty Kercinkov: Vlad's loving wife who hired Stephanie and Jason to catch her husband cheating on her, on film.
Billy Spres: A minor street player, who put Stephanie and Jason onto the job with Betty.
"Sneaky" Pete Perkovich: A friend of Jared's from the 14th, who recommended to Kercinkov that Jared would be good for the hacking job.
Jean Qualls: KBI agent that the players came to know after they turned in film of Vladimir killing a VoidCorp Deputy Counsel.
Bryan Stone: Kercinkov's computer nerd. He gave the PC's the final piece of the puzzle when he gave them a 3D chip with secret government research on it, answering the question; what did Kercinkov have that VoidCorp wanted. In exchange he was put in the witness protection program.

Description: After the investigation the following are the facts as the players understood them; Vladimir Kercinkov was selling secret government research to VoidCorp in exchange for illegal computer chips. Where he got the information was never determined. The players took a peak at the research which seemed to be regarding the replacement of a human's heart and lungs with an artificial, though biological, organ. A sort of two for one transplant. Apparently there was some falling out between Kercinkov and VoidCorp since Kercinkov killed their Deputy Counsel. The reason for this was also never discovered. Kercinkov himself was subsequently killed by his wife Betty, who the KBI latter conjectured was really a VoidCorp agent. A tangled web to say the least.

"Schoolhouse Rock"

Participants: Stephanie Fox, Jared Carson.

The Knights of Marx: The supposed terrorist organization that precipitated all the action.
Father William Leary: A Catholic Priest, trapped in the building. He hid and displayed extreme cowardice throughout the ordeal.
Assistant Director Jones: A KBI bigwig, his inconsistent and often illogical seeming orders constantly put Stephanie and Jared in danger.

Description: A group of thieves posing as terrorists took over the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Day School. The players were nearby at the time and ordered in (they are an insertion team after all). They got in the building after wading through a squad of security drones. Once in A.D. Jones ordered them to sit tight, which of course they didn't do. Several firefights ensued, they rescued the children and the cavalry (other KBI agents) came charging in. They managed to capture most of the thieves but several including the ringleader escaped.

"Devil's Rock"

Participants: Jared Carson, Stephanie Fox, Billy Eagleclaw

Carla Little Fox: The women who got the KBI involved in response to cattle rustling, but turned out to have murdered her husband some years ago.
Sam Grayspar: Carla's lawyer, lover and co-conspirator.
Gerald Ramirez: One of Carla's neighboring ranchers, who she accused of rustling her cattle. No proof against him was found, but several of his hands were eventually indited for the crime.
Carlos Semaway: Sheriff of Devil's Rock County, North Dakota Territory.

Description: Carla Little Fox exerted pressure on her MOP (Member of Parliament) for help with a rustling situation on her ranch. The KBI sent the PC's to check out the situation. They managed to discover the source of the rustling was some over enthusiastic hands on Gerald Ramirez's ranch. Also in the process though they discovered that the disappearance of her husband some 11½ years ago was suspicious. After some investigation the PC's discovered that he was murdered by a hit man, hired by Carla and her co-conspirator, Sam Grayspar.

"The Dreaming Man"

Participants: Jared Carson, Jason Fox, Stephanie Fox, Billy Eagleclaw

Thompson Ezekiel: An OME (Orcish Methodist Episcopal) minister. He is a huge Orc with an attitude towards Non-Orcs. He accused the ROP government of being responsible for the distribution of the Dreaming Man drug.
Peter Barkley: The leader of the Haitian drug gang known as the Zombie Posse.
Assistant Director Jones: Director Jones took an active interest in this case, and even complimented the PC's on their work.

Description: The PC's became involved in an investigation into a new drug being distributed on the streets, called the Dreaming Man. After having a stakeout thwarted by an untimely raid on the drug house they were watching by agents of Director Jones staff. They managed to trace the drugs to a Voodoo shop where several of the agents experienced the transference affects of the drug first hand. Eventually they traced the drug to a warehouse in The Barrows. There they walked in on a VoidCorp raid on a group claiming to be OSS agents who were in possession of some of the drug. VoidCorp was driven off and the OSS agents ordered the PC's to vacate the premises also. Upon returning to HQ, A. D. Jones ordered the PC's to round up every agent in the building and take down the warehouse. However the place had been cleared out by the time the PC's got back.


GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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