Summaries of Episode 14

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"Martin Lloyd's Little Black Book"

Participants: Stephanie Fox, Jordan Fox, Billy Eagleclaw, Elsworth Lloyd, Stone Mason, Jared Carson

Knight Champion Francois Duparte - Old friend of Martin Lloyd's and high ranking member of the Knights Templar.
Agent Smith - OSS agent and all around favorite of the teams (NOT!).


Postscript to Episode 14 (Meeting with Agent Smith):

After hearing what you all have to say, Jean disappears back into the conference room. You all stay crowded in her office waiting to hear what will happen next. Stone leans out the door cocking his ear towards the door to the conference room, straining to hear something. After a moment he announces he thought he could hear some muffled yelling, but that he isn't sure.

Fifteen or twenty agonizing minutes pass and finally the door opens again. Jean comes striding purposely towards her office, her face flushed and her jaw set. She walks in almost bowling Stone over and slams the door.

"You won't be leaving with the bastards. But they won't leave without talking to you. I suggest you get this over with, but stop by my office on the way out. I have something to discuss with you guys."

Elsworth says, "Jean, this confrontation with these Majestic freaks may have ended in a stand-off...but at some point we are going to have to do something about the OSS involvement in extra-constitutional activities. Global Security matters or not, these guys are murderers and thugs....

"We'll talk with these guy, but only because you've asked us to. As far as I'm concerned, I have nothing to say to them. We should be threatening to arrest them...not the other way around."

Agent Smith quietly waits till the entire team has filed in and taken a seat around the long conference table. Today he is only flanked by one dark suited, sunglasses wearing; well you fill in the adjective from one of Elsworths tirades. When you are all seated he breaks the silence. "I know you think you've won. That you've beaten me or some mythical group you perceive me as representing, but I wanted to take a minute and explain a few of the facts of life to you before I head back to London."

"I perceive all of you to be patriots to the Orion nation, and of the human race. I also know that about now all of you are questioning that loyalty. You perceive me and the OSS as conspirators in some grotesque game that will ultimately subvert Orion and humanity. Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth. There are dangers to Orion and humanity! My colleagues and I hold back these dangers. Let me ask you a couple of rhetorical question. Why is a fine upstanding Stellar citizen like VoidCorp taking such an interest in what goes on, on a backwater frontier system like Terra/Sol? Who do you think those sycophantic freaks are that seem to follow their Intelligence officers around like shadows? I know that you think we've made a deal with the devil. Any devils we might deal with, we do so on our own terms. Unlike our stellar cousins we still have our free will!"

"War is coming again! Make no mistake, GWII solved nothing. It only whittled down the number of players. I have no intention of seeing Orion lose in the next round. Hard lessons have to be learned and harder deeds accomplished. I've dedicated my life to this. You people I respect and admire, but I must give you fair warning. Do not trifle in state security matters again, next time I will not come with a legal writ that the ROP can deny. I thank you for your time and attention and please don't hesitate to call on me should matters of Orion security cross your paths."

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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