Summaries of Episodes 6-8

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"The Dreaming Man (Part 2)"

Jason Fox, Stephanie Fox, Billy Eagleclaw

Brien Dulvolchett: A VoidCorp intelligence officer stationed at the Kansas City Consulate.
The Warriors of the Third Eye: A Hatire religious organization, apparently responsible for a string of assassinations of VoidCorp and KBI agents.
Assistant Director Jones: Started to tell the PC's some very interesting things before taking an 11mm silencer.

Description: On a routine stakeout of the VoidCorp Consulate the PC's witnessed the assassination of a VoidCorp employee by some common citizens apparently controlled by some bald guys who killed them after they killed the VoidCorp employee. They found clues that lead them to a group called the Warriors of the Third Eye (who just happened to turn out to be a bunch of bald guys), who lived in a nice place in the middle of one of the worst parts of town. They kept getting reports of assassinations of various KBI and VoidCorp people, again by common citizens. Eventually they followed a group of these guys and interrupted an assassination attempt on a VoidCorp employee (Brien Dulvolchett). With this evidence the PC's were able to get a warrant to round up the Warriors, but when they got back to their place, they found they'd all cleared out. A.D. Jones asked them to meet him in Hero's Park, where he proceeded to start telling them about a conspiracy before he was rudely interrupted by an 11mm bullet from some more common citizens again controlled by one of our bald friends.

"The Horrors of War"

Participants: Jason Fox, Stephanie Fox, Billy Eagleclaw, Elsworth Lloyd, (In Spirit) Jared Carson


Keepler Reese - A CIA case officer who was in charge of this mission.
Paulo Muceri - The AFSAF Colonel in charge of the assault team who attacked the Aztec camp.
Anise (Annie) Cartwright - Captain of the TNS Houston, the ROT submarine used to transport the players to and from Panama.

Description: The players agreed to accept a mission to check out the circumstances of the mysterious deaths of civilians in Panama, reported in the 9-6-2501 edition of The Star of the Plains. The players accompanied an AFSAF assault team in a raid on an Aztec forward listening post. The AFSAF demanded that the ROP provide an insertion team for this mission in return for cooperating with their looking into the civilian deaths. The players broke into the listening post, took down the automated defenses of the camp and then hacked into the computer, which had a direct link with Mexico City. From this they gained the exact plans of an upcoming Aztec offensive against the AFS.

After this portion of the mission was complete the players proceeded onto San Medino, one of the site's of the civilian deaths. There they uncovered a mass grave containing what were apparently the remains of the villagers. Elsworth conducted autopsies on a number of the recovered bodies and found they all suffered deaths of the exact same cause, massive cerebral hemorrhages of the left frontal lobe of the brain. No organic cause for these injuries was evident in any of the victims.

After spotting some strange humanoid shapes (which some speculated might be Sesheyans) flying in the vicinity the players took refuge in one of the houses of San Medino. Shortly thereafter they were set upon by what appeared to be the very same corpses which they had just been examining. The shock and revulsion of this incident weighed heavy on all of them. They eventually were able to stifle this attack by literally blowing the corpses apart. They seemed to take much more punishment than any normal living being would have been able to.

After the attack the players pressed in the general direction in which they had seen the flying shapes go. After a period of time they ran into a strange stone monolith in the jungle. It appeared to be quite old and weathered, covered in strange pictographs. They determined that the monolith was psionically active when Elsworth suffered damage after attempting to mentally probe the structure. At this point it was decided that the mission should be terminated and the team withdrawn with the valuable information they had obtained. After marking the position with a beacon, they contacted the TNS Houston for extraction.

After relaying their preliminary report to Keepler Reese who appeared quite shaken. The TNS Houston then withdrew to a stationary position off the coast and contacted both Kansas City and Dallas for instructions. Approximately 6 hours after this the Houston launched a single cruise missile, presumably at the monolith.


"The Evening Star"

Participants: Jason Fox, Stephanie Fox, Billy Eagleclaw, Elsworth Lloyd, Jared Carson, Stone Mason

Ivan Romanov - A rich casino owner and reputed associate of the former Vladimir Kercinkov. Boyfriend of Kendra Magambe.
Kendra Magambe - Friend of Stephanie's and the person who made the frantic phone call that precipitated the adventure.
Umbe Aratu - Orion Federal Police agent, stationed on The Evening Star.


GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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