Jordan and Stephanie Fox - Backgrounds

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You were both born & raised in Kansas City. Your father Robert is a mid-level manager for the MAC (Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative). Your mom Susan owns a trendy little dress shop close to the Vidrickson Starport. They live in a fashionable neighborhood of Brownstones (They're not really brownstones but the old earth name has stuck for this type of row houses. They aren't even traditional row houses in that there is an upper and a lower level. The lower level is the first three floors and the upper level is the top three. So each building is a total of six stories in height and they overlook Smithville reservoir. You have an older brother (3 years older) Grant. He is a career Officer with the Orion navy. He currently is captain of the cruiser OFS (Orion Free Ship) Lancer. It's homeport is back in old space, so he doesn't get back home very much. You have a sister Cassandra (everyone calls her Sand or Sandy) who is only a year younger than you are. She graduated from Washburn Univ. in the KC suburb of Topeka. She also got her masters there and went on to get a PHD last year from the University of the Plains in Des Moines. She currently teaches there and this last summer she went on a dig with the famous Professor Max Fitzmorris. He is also a Professor at the U of P. Your youngest sibling, Frank is 9 years younger than you are. You've always suspected he was an accident, but mom and dad have never admitted this. He is currently in college at Washburn, studying business.

Both of you also attended Washburn (it has become a family tradition, mom and dad both attended and that's where they met) Jordan studied Pre-Law while Stephanie, who attended on a soccer scholarship, got her degree in Physical Education.

Growing up you shared many of the same friends. Of these Kenny Walker and Gwen Ursholt are the ones you still keep in touch with. Kenny is now a robot tech with the Dakota Heavy Mining and Construction Corp. Gwen went to the prestigious Chan-DoLay (chan -doe-lay) school for the arts in Ireland. She has returned to KC and is now an accomplished actress. She has had several starring roles on Theatre Row (KC's version of Broadway). She has done some work in San Paulo (Brazil) where most of the leading domestic film studios are located. One of the latest film grid sites has even hinted she may be offered a role in a film being made on Ratan, the VoidCorp resort planet. Ratan is the leading supplier of tridees in the Twilight Sector.

In college Jordan become good friends with his roommate John Carnese (car-niece). John got a degree in Navigation (system), and is now a navigator for the Pan Sol spaceline. Stephanie developed several friendships at Washburn. A fellow soccer player Kendra Magambe became one of your closest friends. She was the star of the team and went on to a brief career in the women's professional soccer league, playing for Miami. She is now back in KC and working as a personal trainer. You've heard from mutual acquaintances that she may be hanging out with some unsavory people. Your other friend from college was actually a boyfriend. Chad Zurich was the schools star Grav-Ball player. You went out with him for all four years you were at Washburn. In your last semester there you caught him in bed with another girl and ended the relationship. He went on to become a star for New York in the Professional Grav-Ball league. You still hear from him occasionally. He still displays some interest in you. If nothing else he still wants to get in Stephanie's pants.

Your mom and dad have a good friend who also keeps in touch with you. When you first knew him he was just the guy next door. Dad said he was a big executive with the MAC, but that didn't mean anything to you. Now he has pursued a career in politics, and is a Senator. His name is Chan McMurry.

After college you both felt the need to enlist in the Marines to avoid facing the real world immediately. Jordan wasn't sure he really wanted to go to law school and Stephanie was still recovering from her breakup with Chad and did not want to be separated from her twin.

Most militaries try and keep siblings from serving in the same military division, let alone the same unit within that division. In your case they intentionally made an exception. The reason is a special ability both of you share, telepathy. You are both telepathic, but only with each other. The brass thought this might prove to be very beneficial to an insertion team. They were right.

The campaign for the Neravax system was one of the longest and most difficult ever experienced by the acclaimed 14th Marine Jump Division (divisional motto: Death from Space). The system was taken early in the war from the Ausrin-Ontis, by the Nariac, a VoidCorp client state. The natives had gone communist after nearly a century of Nariac rule and so proved intractable despite the fact that the Treaty of Concord had awarded the system to the Orion's. The conflict turned into a guerilla war, with neither side gaining any clear advantage. There were rumors of VoidCorp involvement and mindwalking soldiers as well as a whole host of other assorted horrors. The 14th as is it's wont to do adapted to the situation. Marine Corps Intelligence (MCI) developed a new tool to deal with the situation, "Insertion Teams". That's where you came in. You were one of the first insertion teams developed. Your mission was to infiltrate enemy positions, illuminate targets, and suppress the target during insertion of additional marine assets. Your telepathic ability was a great advantage in accomplishing your missions.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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