Tourists Guide to Kansas City

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(Authored by the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Bureau.)

The City....
Kansas City is the vibrant capital of the Republic of the Plains. A landlocked nation of some 325 million sentients of which 42 million (nearly 1 in 8) are residents of Kansas City. The population is diverse. Represented are groups who claim kinship with over 112 Old Earth cultures. Every segment of the Emerged (mutant) population is also represented.

The Sights....
Kansas City contains a host of notable attractions to keep the visitor occupied. Head downtown to the Concomitant Platz, and see an actual session of Parliament. Visit the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial south of Union Station. It sits on 25 acres of parkland and is a memorial to all those who died defending The Orion League in GW2. The river market area contains the famous Living Seas. An aquarium of Old Earth marine life. On the western edge of the city is Elftown. A quaint area with many small shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs. From here you can arrange day tours of the Elvish community of Manhattan, where you'll get an up close look at "Elvish Life". The northern section of the city contains the Vidrickson Interstellar Starport. A cosmopolitan nightclub district has grown up around the starport. It provides entertainment for the many off-world and alien visitors to Kansas City. A small open air shopping district, known as the Plaza is just south of downtown. It contains a wide variety of trendy and exclusive stores for the "upscale shopper". The eastern part of the city contains the Capitol Coliseum, where a wide variety of sports can be enjoyed. Its always easy to get a ticket at the Coliseum which has a seating capacity of 325,000! Close by is the Sub-Atomic® Grav Dome. Sponsored by Sub-Atomic® the famous manufacturer of Stardrives and Zero-g products. The Grav Dome hosts indoor and Zero-g sporting events, as well as concerts. It seats 125,000. This is only the short list of the many wonderful things that Kansas City has to offer the visitor.

Getting Around....
Kansas City boasts a state of the art Grav-Rail System®. This subway/monorail system can wisk visitors from one end of the city to another in only 15 minutes, on an express line. The "trains" as they are called operate at 500 km per hour, and even local routes can cross the city in only about 45 minutes on average. Fares are reasonable at 5cr per express token and 3cr per local token.

For safe and efficient shorter distance travel, slidwalks have been installed throughout the city. These conveyances travel at 4 kph, so watch your step.

Please note that while the use of private grav-cars is permitted, they must be slaved to the central transportation satellite at all times. Unlawfully disengaging this safety mechanism will result in fines, up to confiscation of your grav-car and incarceration of 30 to 90 days. For those desiring private transport an even better method is hiring one of the many city regulated taxi's. These safe and efficient vehicles operated by friendly, helpful drivers, have priority clearance around the city. So there average travel times are less than those of a private grav-car. Rates are 10cr per initial hire and .5cr per kilometer thereafter.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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