Martin Lloyd's Journal Entry

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1-12-83: I don't care what the Order says, I'm going to document all this bullshit. No ones going to hang me out to dry!

1-26-83: Got my first assignment from the Order. I was surprised that it came in over the regular Templar Grid. I expected some sort of security or something. I'm supposed to meet with another couple of agents in Hensler South Dakota, just outside of Fort Clark. Apparently we're looking into some cattle mutilations or something. Christ, how long have people been looking into cattle mutilations? Six hundred years, and haven't found anything yet!

1-28-83: That's some weird shit all right. We can't explain how it was done. I kept thinking I needed Ellie along. He loves this dissection shit. It just makes me sick to my stomach. We decided to stake out the area that's been getting hit tomorrow night. Maybe we'll get lucky.

2-2-83: Well I don't really know where to start. I guess you could say we got lucky. We'd been in a duck blind less than an hour when we observed some strange lights in the sky. Further observation revealed that these were some sort of aircraft. They were operating totally silently and were not obeying the laws of physics, at least as I understand them. We observed one of these vehicles descend in relative proximity to our position, so we mounted skycycles and proceeded to the area. To summarize we managed to surprise a group of short hairless humanoids. A short but intense firefight ensued. The creatures used hand weapons of unknown type that possessed incredible firepower. I became separated from my two colleagues during the fight and can only account for the fate of one of these individuals. I say him hit by a beam of light from one of the humanoids power weapons. He appeared bathed in light and spasmed as if in intense pain. Much of the soft tissue on his body appeared to burn away. He surely did not survive his wounds. I managed to circle around two of the humanoids and dispatched both with 9mm rounds to the back of their heads. At this point I came under fire from several humans who were hiding in a tree line approximately 50 yards from my position. I again managed to flank my enemy's position and surprised the two individuals. I shot one in the chest as he turned to face me, gun drawn. As this exchange occurred a beam hit the other individual from one of the humanoids power weapons, possibly aimed at me. The second human was gravely injured but I managed to drag him to his grav-car, which was also hidden in the tree line only a few yards away. I proceeded to flee the scene, judging that remaining would be suicide. I questioned the human as I made my way to a hospital in Hensler. He was apparently delirious and kept muttering Majestic will take care of it, MJ will take care of me. This individual was alive when I delivered him to the hospital. However I was later informed that he had expired.

2-4-83: Several individuals with OSS credentials arrived at Templar headquarters today to question me. The lead agent identified himself as Agent Jones. After several hours of intense questioning he placed me under arrest and told me I would be charged in the deaths of two OSS agents. As the OSS attempted to remove me from the building they were stopped by Knight Commander DeGaul and a group of Templars. The Commander informed the OSS agents that they did not have jurisdiction or constitutional authority to make arrests. With guns drawn the Templars took custody of me and the OSS agents left the building. I was greatly surprised since Commander DeGaul and I had never gotten along well.

2-16-83: Neither charges nor even the hint of any have come down yet. The Knight Commander has repeatedly followed up with the OSS on this matter. I'm starting to think that maybe none will be forthcoming.

2-19-83: After waiting in fear of murder charges for the last few weeks, I've decided to become proactive. I hacked the Orion government grid site in London. Needless to say this was not an easy task and details are too voluminous to recount here. What I discovered though is of great interest. I managed by backtracking through the Orion Terra-Sol budget, both public and secret; to track down every line item listed. There were countless black ops items listed, including many by the OSS, however there were none for an organization, project or operation called Majestic or MJ.

2-23-83: This morning I sat up in bed with the sudden realization that Agent Jones had given me an e-card which of course contained his grid box address. With the grid box I realized I could attempt to hack back through the address to whatever site his boxes were downloaded too. I thought they'd have several firewalls set up between the grid box and the real site. Boy was I ever right. This hack made the Orion gov. job look like child's play. Fortunately I was able to negotiate it though. The brief time that I was able to review the site it yielded a wealth of information. I discovered the following:
1) Majestic 12 or MJ12 is an Orion government organization. They are a subset of the OSS, although I would venture to guess that very few in the government have any idea that they exist.
2) It is self funded (source unknown) and that's the reason I couldn't ID them by the budget doc.
3) They are in contact with an advanced Alien race, which they refer to as "The Greys". It isn't clear if this is some inside joke based on old earth legend, or a reference to their appearance. I can attest that the name applies if it was the same group as the humanoids I ran into in South Dakota.
4) Majestic 12 is receiving advanced technology from these Aliens. I was not able to ascertain if they were providing the Aliens any compensation in return.
5) The Aliens have shown MJ12 the location of several archeological sites of another Alien species. Apparently these "Greys" fear this other group. They were particularly interested in "Genetic Manipulation" performed by these other Aliens.
I was forced from the site by the appearance of a particularly virulent ICE program. It pursued me through the many firewalls and blind alleys that I had to traverse to get to a spot I could jack out.

3-15-83: Apparently the Ids of March are quite apropos. I received a grid box at work today from the Order telling me to leave the building immediately. I later found out that Orion State Police showed up not a half hour after I left with a warrant for my arrest. That's when I decided I'd better find a safe place to hide this little journal.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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