Interlude Prior to Episode 21

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(from Steve) Stephanie (a.k.a. Cat) leads a conversation...
"I have received word from Father Leary that it is important that we go to Dorlass. Once there I (we) will need to speak with a Fraal Priest named IL'lnda of the Catholic Church. I believe that this Priest might have some insight in helping us. The Lord has told Father Leary that "Agents of Evil attempt to manipulate us from afar and to beware of tidings from the behemoth." Father Leary has also spoke of a vision that he had and seems very determined that we need to go ASAP."

(On a side note everyone notices that Stephanie is wearing a St. Christopher medal now.)

Gerald Trent (a.k.a. Christian)...
"Speaks out and says that if the Lord or the Good Father Leary requires that we go to Dorlass then I must admit that our next stop will need to be Dorlass. This may not be what we had planned but as a Catholic Priest I can not deny or ignore what has been requested. I also would not like to have to remind you that many of us has been raised on the Catholic religion. As for the others that are not of the faith as of this time I would ask that you respect our beliefs as you would have us respect yours. Now, Cookie do you know or have any information on Dorlass other than what we can download from the grid?"

(from Scott) Cookie gives Christian a a disgusted look, " So you think since Im an alian I should know somthing about another planet or some freakin Fraal Priest . We all look the same to you? Terra-Sol is my place of birth. My birth mother died with my first breath, my father was CIA and died CIA in the war. The CIA was my mother , my father , my God, I am Terran fomost and Werren only in a genetic relation. "
(from Scott) Cookie's eye's opened and he rose and stretched . He had slept on a pallet of blankets in the corner of the community room while Crow and Chimera were using his kitchen as a "sweat hut" trying to find Chimera some sort of spirit guide to help set his head strait before he snapped and the group had to whack him. What kind of insane group had he been teamed up with this time. His last team was a bunch of gung-ho self styled hero's that got blown away by the OSS on the botched England mission.Christian was the only one to heed his warnings before all hell broke loose. Now he was teamed with a bunch of mental cases who seemed to be in need of a psychiatrist.Good thing the party had two built in. Cat seemed to be on the verge of becoming a born again Christian and that would ruin a damn good fighter, but she does look real good in one of those Catholic school girl outfits least she did in that dream last night.

This all started a day and a half ago when Crow had him prepare a special meal with herbs he provided. then they began a fast for the next 24 hours only drinking water to cleanse their bodies . He had Elsworth remove Chimera's biopack and refrain from giving him his medication. He supplemented this with Peyote chew to help him meditate and focus. It seemed to mellow him out also but Elsworth seemed to always close at hand with his Hypo gun. Then after dinner last evening crow had Me haul all the cutlery out of the galley and secure every thing that wasn't nailed down. He then set pots to boil on the stove with some foul smelling herbs and sealed Chimera and him only in loincloths in the small room. Stephanie stationed herself outside monitoring them through Crows link while Elsworth paced with his Hypogun ready and I stayed around because hey, this was better than any of the vid reruns we had on crystal.

About 2 AM Cat , who was snoozing on a cot shot up , eyes wide open and shouted " No fucking way" and ran to the door brandishing her trusty T-bar. (to be continued...)

(Continued, from Scott) Cat braced herselef to lash out at the locked door as Elsworth , brandishing
his hypo pistol drew aim on the portal. Cat suddenly froze " Your shitting me !" she exclaimed, " OK , Your the fucking Doctor. If you get your ass shreaded hope Cutter can patch it up" She sheathed her blade in a Fluid motion and turned.

"What the hell just happened here" Cutter yelled glancing back and forth between the door and Cat. " Oh Chimera turned into some kinda Cat Creature , attacked Crow the I saw a large black claw knock him into next week." She laid back down on the couch pulling the blanket back over her curvaceous form clad only in a oversized London Buccaneers shirt she had purchased after they had beat the Raiders much to Cookies chagrin . "ARE YOU NUTS!! LET ME SEE THE VID REPLAY!!" Cutter demanded. Cat smiled and stated matter of factly " The good Shrink in there had me erase it so you'll just have to take my word on it , I'm going back to sleep because I get very irritable if I don't get my hard eight so save your questions for the soul searchers in the other room. Cutter stood there red faced ,teeth clenched not knowing what to say , He glanced over at the smiling Cookie threw up his arms in frustration and sat back down in the closest recliner . Cookie thought " Almost as good as my soap's." and laid back to rest.

Cookie arose at 6 AM and shambled over to the door after hammering constantly on the door for 5 minutes the portal slide open and Chimera stood there with three large deep, long, festering wounds across his chest , dark dried blood around them showed them to be hours old but the tell tale signs of his rapid healing ability showed no signs of working on them. the blood on his hands seemed a lighter color from his dark mutant rich fluid. He stumbled forward into Cutter's Arms tears streaming from his eyes sobbing "El , forgive me " Cutter exclaimed " Stone what have you done to Billy!?"

Then Crow emerged from the smoky room , Slash marks across his face and right shoulder, already starting to heal . " He has turned a corner , he was almost to far to be brought back but now with our support and some spiritual guidance he may find his way back if he really wants too. I need some sleep now , save your questions for later please ." He reach up and felt the scares on his face " He had to go for my face, crap , I may need some of you surgical services later." he said to Cutter , and headed for his cabin. Cookie entered the galley " Breakfast will be ready in an hour. Cutter Glanced down at the now quiet and sleeping Stone ." Fuckit! Cat ,help me get him to my room ." Cat took him into her arms and gently delivered him to the waiting bed where Cutter cleaned and dressed his wounds.

(from Mike) You boys need to talk amongst yourselves and decide what you want to do regarding some of your discoveries from Episode 20. Two that come to mind are the robot and the base. Let me know as soon as you can. Thanks.

(from Scott) Possesion is 9/10ths of Law , patent robot., claim asteroid and sell.

(from Mike) Remember you have an exploration contract with the MAC. Are you going to try and circumvent this and sell the two items to the high bidder? If so a couple of things to think about. First you'll be delayed while you seek out buyers. Second how are you going to seek buyers? Let me know what your characters want to do.

(from Mark) Perhaps our "lawyer" character could advise us regarding the proper contractual course with the astroid and robot design. We should probably turn both the robot technology (and keep a copy for ourselves) and the astroid's location and nature to the MAC. We will look successful to our new "bosses" and we remain "out-of-trouble" this way......Cutter

(from Steve) This sounds good to me. Perhaps we could get the necessary goods to create a robot ourselves with the plans.

(from Scott) Deal with MAC.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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