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(from Mike C. - DM) As we discussed at the last game we've kind of reached the end of a plotline. Now there are a number of lose ends we can pursue, or can go in a completely different direction, everything is up to you guys at this point. The only stipulation I want to put on our decision is that we go forward in this campaign/universe and with mostly the same characters. That said if anyone wants to roll up a new character they're certainly welcome to and we'll adjust them to bring them up to group standards powerwise. Anyway I'm going to list out a few options below, these are by no means the only options, just what comes to me off the top of my head. Let's get a discussion going and decide where we want this thing to go next.

Just a few quick thoughts. What do you guys think? Let us all know and lets get a discussion going. Thanks. MJC

(from Steve) Mike, I would like to visit the voice, and try and find out more about the Demon's that we have been encountering surrounding the obelisk's. Maybe after contacting the voice we might be able to find someone possibly the church to bank roll an expedition (starship) to find where the demon's/monsters are coming from.

That's just a suggestion and my vote. Thanks, Steve

(from Brian) I have had my days off changed to Sundays and Mondays so I should be a more contributing player next time. Jared I suspect still believes he is on the tail on a far reaching Orion government plot and would want to follow his inclinations as to how to disrupt/expose it, based on what happened the last adventure. Other than that he would have no preference as to the choices being considered. Brian

(from Craig) I'm good for anything, but my first choice would be exploring, second mercenary, and third the voice. I do have a fear that if we talk to the voice to much, that the campaign might come to an end. Have a great weekend.

(from Chris) <insert> Untimely End...

(from Mark) Hey guys, I know I haven't been at the last two games, so forgive my hubris as I throw in my two cents on the future direction of the Twilight Sector campaign.

If there is a consensus to visit the VOICE and gather more information, I will run with that. That sounds fine. But, I wouldn't mind getting sucked into a border war...or a mercenary situation. Perhaps after the 2-5 game series involving the VOICE, we reach a point where we are somewhat aimless in our ambitions, or so dejected about what we find out...that we just say, "To Heck with it...we need to be out for ourselves more."

It would be fun to play a few games that were slam-bam thank you maam action games, with plenty of violence, mayhem, and destruction...then get slowly drawn back into some larger storyline after that. Just some ideas...Mark S.

(from Mike C. - DM) Well, I've heard from everybody and we appear to be evenly split between doing some kind of a mercenary, battle intensive series and doing a series on "The Voice" from the Evening Star. I think I see a way to get a little flavor of both with a short 3 episode or so story arc. If you guys are cool with it I think that's the direction I'll go. Let me know if anyone is dead set against this.

Also probably after Mark's next series I'm planning on running a special game (probably only a one game thing with the option of inserting more occasionally if everyone enjoys it). It will be set in my overall universe (the same one that contains my Endless World campaign, my Forgotten Realms campaign and the Twilight Sector campaign) however what I want you guys to do is create 60 point Alternity characters of yourselves as you currently are. Then shot me ideas on how we handle the skills the characters have. The goal is to create a realistic representation of yourselves. Let me know if anyone has questions. MJC

(from Mike C. - DM) Mark, I know you've got a million things going on right now, so let me know if you need me to run the next game. Should have a summary for last game coming out soon. MJC

(reply from grateful Mark) Mike, thank you! Things have been very busy (by choice, so I can't complain), and I would love you to run the game next month, on May 17th, I believe. I also PROMISE to be there for the game. I really enjoy gaming with this group, and I would hate anyone to think that I was bowing out, or going away.

I just needed some time to work on comics, comicbook art, comicbook conventions (in town and out-of-town), the World Horror Conference Art Show (here in KC...this weekend), and a comicbook anthology I am editing, which will feature work from other KC creators and which will be about 64 pages. I love gaming, but over the past few years, I sort of did a lot of gaming, and did very little else (hobby-wise).

So I'm trying to strike a balance. That balance will include me being at monthly games in May, July, August, September, October, and December. I can't be there in June and November due to Conventions. Thanks for being understanding, and thanks for running the game. How about I run the August, September and October Games? Is that O.K. with you? Mark Stinson (I sent this one to everyone to let them know what we were discussing, and why I've been skipping out...sorry to all the players, also.)

(from Mike C. - DM) Mark, No problems on this. Let me make sure though that we're on the same page. I will be running the the game in May, June, July, November and December. You will be running in August, September and October.

This means though that I need whoever wants to have imput on the direction of the game to respond to my previous e-mail ASAP. Let me know what you guys think. I look forward to hearing from everyone. MJC

(from Scott) Billy Eagleclaw wanted to talk to Ellsworth about turning Stone into a tracking device. The growth on his frontal lobe was what seemed to be allowing him to send telepathic signals without his knowing. Billy being an expert in communications and surveillance knows you can turn a transmitter into a receiver and was hoping if Ellsworth could use his superior medical knowledge and contacts in the medical community combined with a trusted telepath in the Green organization the might be able to turn Stone into a tracker and/or receiver to turn the tables on our foes, they gave us the tool so lets see if we can use it.

(from Mark) Elsworth, never hesitant when it comes to cutting on Stone, will gladly gather whatever information he can get on this sort of technology. If the technology to do this sort of thing (implant or generate extra mass in Stone's brain for a telepathic purpose) is well beyond the scope of Terra Sol technology, Elsworth will look into any theoretical research being done on the matter. Hopefully he can find a credible source of information, but long years of experience have taught Elsworth to never ignore ANY information...even that which lacks credibility. Elsworth is more than willing to recruit help from the Green organization...or any other source that might help. Despite a deep and abiding feeling of brotherhood with his buddy Stone, Elsworth feels that Stone's ability to quickly heal will protect him from any "mistakes" that might be made during a procedure to alter the extra mass in Stone's brain.

Are we sure that this extra mass in Stone's brain is indeed some sort of telepathic transimitter, or are we just surmising that?

(from Chris) I'm a freak'n walk'n science experiment. Placed in foster care, my a$$. No need to be paranoid, huh? It's not enough that the gov'ment wants to skull fuq me, now my own squad wants to.

(Stone has been suspicious of everyone from the get go. He thought you-all wanted to labotomize him long ago.)

(from Mike C. - DM) The following is a bit of information that Billy has researched on the Grid. It applies to some questions he has asked me, but I thought it might be interesting to the rest of you.


Gheans are an all female cult originating in the Earth/Sun system circa 2130. The cult is based on the ancient practice of worshipping the earth as the mother of all life. With the advent of interstellar travel it's dogma has evolved to replace "Mother Earth" with "Mother Universe".

The group was originally confined to a space station in an L5 orbit around earth. In approximately 2400 they sold their station in the Earth/Sol system for a considerable profit given it's excellent position. They used a portion of the proceeds to purchase a station in L5 orbit around Tol-in-Gaurhoth.

The Gheans religion teaches that men are the root of all evil and excludes them from Ghean society. All procreation is accomplished by means of cloning and exo-wombs.

While resident in the Earth/Sun system, the Gheans were believed to have been involved in several acts of anti-male violence including the destruction of the Luna Prime facility in which there were over 3,000 deaths. However no concrete evidence was ever produced to link the cult to these events.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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