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September 30, 2502

TO: Team Leader Susan Buvier, CC to Special Agent Jean Qualls
FROM: Agent Elsworth Lloyd, M.D.
SUBJECT: Further Evidence of Alien Involvement with Certain Elements
within The Orion Government...E. Ex. Goblinis Virus
Samples Found and Identified...Deadly encounter with
"Grays" on the hollow asteroid, The Evening Star

Recently I have found my thoughts turning to the origins of Terra Sol. Why this "identical earth" hundreds of light years from the real birthplace of man? This perfect home waiting for us to discover it...appearing to be perfectly prepared for us to move in and feel comfortable. The Precursor Theory, with it's "unknown creator race" that manipulates the mass of the star Sol, stabilizing it in the process, and massively terra-forming the planet we call Terra...well, this theory has many positive features. But, it is clear that it actually tells us nothing. Perhaps it loosely answers the question "Who," but it does not answer the questions, Why, When, or How. Who prepared Terra-Sol for us, when did they do it, why did they do it, and how was it possible. No technology we know of is capable of this level of system manipulation.

It is interesting that sites that may give us insight into the possible Precursor origins of our new world are for the most part off-limits to scientists and philosophers within the public eye. The Evening Star and other hollow asteroid locations, when considering all we know of our Universe, suggest creation by sentients other than man. This site is completely closed to Orion scientific exploration, and after encountering the politician/businessmen/thugs, which hold the asteroids' secrets for themselves, I know that no intellectual good will come from their efforts.

Of course, this brings us to another such site...the digs of Professor Dukett on the King William Island. They are held off limits to scientific exploration by the Orion Government...none other than the actual Orion government's Supreme Court...not the somewhat grittier courts here in the "colonies." It was there that Dukett claimed to find evidence that larger/higher forms of native Terra-Sol life were killed off by the pure form of the E. Ex. Goblinis virus. He claimed to have proof...but the digs were closed over 75 years ago by court order...and progress along that front (at least by publicly reporting scientists) was completely stopped.

It is against this background of personal musings that our team submitted our recent simultaneous vacation requests. We had been contacted by Cassandra Fox, the sister of Stephanie and Jordan Fox...and she was requesting our help. She was working for a Prof. Fitzmorris of the Des Moines campus of the University of the Plains, as a dig site coordinator. I had been looking at a site authorized by Prof. Fitzmorris to gather information on the Dukett Theory. When I heard that Ms. Fox wished us to provide security for an investigative survey of a dig site on Irving Island...an area adjacent to King William Island, I was more than willing to help.

We affirmed the legality of going to Irving Island, and were assured that the Supreme Court decision that banned access to King William Island did not apply to Irving Island. We were hired due to what appeared to be a high level of (apparent) Orion security forces around Irving Island, as well as King William Island. Why would security forces be dedicated to an area of public land that had not been declared off-limits. What secrets might be held there, away from the ...prying observations of serious scientists? And most importantly, what evidence might we find regarding the precursor origins of this system while tagging along as a hired security team?

We left by sky car from a base camp on Birdie Island with Cassandra Fox and her boss and fiancée Professor Max Fitzmorris. Billy Eagleclaw vigilantly scanned the heavens and the sea for any sign of security forces, and we made landfall on Irving Island without incident. The barren rocky outcropping hardly deserved a name, and within a very short amount of time we found the site we were looking for. There was evidence of prior scientific exploration...poles set into the rock of the island that most likely held flood lighting. In the center of the abandoned site was a large gash in the rocks. A tunnel with rough stairs descended under the surface of the land at a 45 degree angle.

Eagleclaw kept watch on the surface as we descended into the mysterious depths. We discovered a metal doorway at the bottom of the winding way, and after a short time we discovered a partially hidden device that allowed us access to the space behind the door. Inside, we observed two large cigar shaped "cannons," about 30 meters in length, with a cylindrical diameter of about 4 meters. At one end there was an open hole about 3 meters in diameter that allowed access to the insides of the "cannon." Around the rim of both of these large alien devices a black substance had accumulate. Preliminary tests on the scene revealed a 99.9% probability of it being the Dreaming Man Drug.

At the end of the cylinders away from the opening, we were able to open a large control panel that allowed us access to some of the workings of the devices. Each "cannon" had 8 spaces that could be loaded with glass ampoules. Each "cannon" had 6 empty spaces and 2 spaces that contained full glass ampoules. Testing performed at the University of the Plains at a later date revealed these glass ampoules to contain pure E. Ex. Goblinus virus. We retrieved all four full glass ampoules from the devices, and closed the control panels.

At the far end of the room was a panel inset into the floor 30 cm by 20 cm. The panel was made up of pin-head sized "buttons" each of which was topped by an unrecognizable symbol, or a letter from some alien alphabet. Computer scans estimated about 600,000 of these pin-head sized buttons on the panel. Before we could experiment with the panel...which admittedly was a temptation of my scientific curiosity that I could not have resisted...events conspired to distract us.

First, Billy Eagleclaw observed, and captured on 3D crystal a saucer-shaped airship...perhaps spaceship...flying by. It moved with very little respect for the laws of inertia...flitting this way and that...accelerating at an impossible speed while making its exit...and not showing up on Eagleclaw's sensitive and expensive sensor arrays. What this craft wanted...or why it was curious as to OUR actions we were not sure. This put us on alert that our presence had been detected.

Next, an airship arrived that we assumed to be OSS in origin. TG-1000 security droids deployed from the airship...four in number. They were not in a negotiating mood...and began using deadly force against us without asking questions. If they asked us to surrender...I don't recall. I just remember the ringing sound of their grenades (and ours) against the alien metal of the unexplainable cannon-like devices. Did I neglect to mention Jordan Fox shattered a T-Bar trying to shave a sample of the alien metal...clearly not standard technology!

After barely dispatching the TG-1000s, we discovered that Agent Stone had damaged the inset floor panel with a rifle round. The roof of the chamber began to open. We escaped from the gash in the rock and the cannon-devices tilted upwards into the sky. We heard a snapping sound that seemed to be like a firing pin operating in each of the virus-cannons. The cannons were doomed to fire blanks due to our meddling...we had the ammunition in hand. It was clear to us that the cannons were used to introduce E. Ex. Goblinus into the atmosphere in large quantities...perhaps to introduce mutations to the human settlers of Terra Sol. Who would want to do this?

We headed back the Des Moines, and Prof. Fitzmorris's University laboratories. Computer analysis of the pin-head button panel revealed that none of the 600,000 symbols were the same...no repeats. An extensive search conducted by a KBI AI revealed no similarities between the alien symbols and known intelligent alphabets. Another dead-end. The 4 glass ampoules contained E. Ex. Goblinus, as suspected. These vials were left in the lab's sample locker, safe from outside interests that may seek to reclaim the virus for life-manipulating and illegal purposes.

It was here that we came in contact with a Dr. Winn Wakusi of the University of Washington, in Columbia. On the grid we determined that Wakusi had located a site very similar to the Irving Island site...but had not been able to gain entry yet. His site was on the Northwest tip of the island of Borneo...and we set out almost immediately to help him investigate his find. We were no longer a mere mercenary force...a security detail there to protect scientists. It became clear to me that all of this is beyond even the most curious of scientists...that our little KBI team was better equipped to investigate and understand the strange precursor sites than the staid and stagnant scientific establishment. This would be reflected by the fact that the longer this investigation went on...the more the scientists faded into the background, and the more the adventurers took the lead. I have a sneaking suspicion that even after our discoveries at Irvin Island, on the island of Borneo, in the Kalahari Desert, and on the Evening Star, the Prof. Fitzmorris and Dr. Wakusi still have no idea what to think of it all. But I am getting ahead of myself. Forgive me.

On the flight to Borneo, we dared to contact a confidential informant with certain unexplainable knowledge regarding the mysteries surrounding our investigations. I have attempted to (and will continue to attempt to) be fairly revealing in these reports. But I will have to play this one close to the vest, and withhold the identity of this source. I will refer to him in my reports as THE VOICE. In his enigmatic fashion, The Voice let us know that there were certain ties between a secret group within the OSS and an alien race called "the grays." This conspiracy involves the genetic manipulation of the human settlers of Terra Sol using E. Ex. Goblinus and Dreaming Man. The Voice suggested that these "grays" are not precursors...and are not acting to the benefit of mankind.

Upon reaching Borneo we met with Wakusi at his basecamp...I found it mildly humorous, this Asian Scientist wearing old-fashioned glasses, khaki clothing, and a pith-hat! Despite years of study, this man had no idea the depth of trouble he was about to bring himself. He began leading us through the jungle towards the dig site. Baboons surrounded us in the trees of the jungles. They were very excitable...and those of us that ran or threatened the baboons were immediately targets of their wrath. Those of us that walked calmly, and presented no threat were able to pass through the thick jungle without being accosted by these simian thugs.

Eventually we came to a deep valley and his dig site. Using deep-radar, the good doctor had located and exposed a metal door very similar to the metal door in the gash in the rock on Irving Island. Next to this door, also exposed by the dig, was a small inset panel covered with pin-head buttons...also the same as the pin-hole buttons on Irving Island. It was much smaller in dimension, but each button was also marked by alien symbols.

Using my limited powers of psychometry...the ability to "read" objects for past experience and images...I was able to picture a 5 symbol code that had been used to open the door at some distant time. It was no easy task, and was only accomplished by linking with the Fox siblings. All three of us were completely drained of psychic energy...but we had the code! Practically 100,000 pin-heads to choose from, and I knew the 5 that would open the door. WE WERE INSIDE!

The chamber was the same...two cannons, an inset floor panel, dreaming man residue around the openings of the cannon-devices. Everything was the same...EXCEPT there was a door in the far wall, behind the floor panel. We quickly accessed the control panels of the cannons and recovered 16 vials of E. Ex. Goblinus from the glass ampoule-chambers. We then moved to examine the 600,000 buttons on the floor panel. Computer scans performed by Jared revealed the location of the same five symbols we had used to open the front metal doors. I then pushed these pin-head sized buttons in the proper order. My hopes were that this same process would open this mysterious inner door. But, as so often happens with my hopes in this dire world...they were destined to be dashed.

A huge electromagnetic pulse coursed through us, and appeared to leave the room. The grinding of ancient machinery and the slow rising of the door sill clued us into the fact that the room we were in was sinking into the ground. A gas, which was later determined to be a sleep agent, was introduced to the room. The members of our team, as well as the scientists that were accompanying us, made it out of the room and onto the valley floor without many problems.

Travelling back to the base camp we encountered security forces dressed all in black. They were fully armored and carried energy weapons. We almost lost our lives to them...and if not for a hard fought hand to hand battle in the jungle, and a timely retreat...I would be in no condition to make this report. We circled around to the camp, and found it completely ransacked. We found 3 dead technicians, but all the rest of the camps occupants were either taken prisoner or had fled. I later received word that many had fled and missed the slaughter at the hand of the black-op security force (at the risk of sounding paranoid I imagine they were OSS sponsored.)

Cassandra Fox was able to trace the path of the electromagnetic pulse that had been "launched" from the cannon-site. She narrowed it down to a 500 by 500 meter square 13 miles southwest of Karig in the Kalahari Desert. We raced there in order to investigate. We had serious fears that if did not get there soon, the OSS would beat us there and erase the evidence we sought. Though I must admit we had only the wildest guesses as to what that evidence would be!

Upon our arrival, we observed the wind-swept sands of the Kalahari Desert...and nothing much else. Then the vole-rats came up from their burrows and began transmitting...transmitting radio waves in a focused beam into space! Through certain scientific contacts we have engendered (once again I exercise my right to keep a few confidential sources) we determined the vole-rats' beam was directed at The Evening star...a well-known hollow asteroid and entertainment district. We were shocked, for The Evening Star is the location of our confidential informant The Voice.

A saucer-craft full of evil grays I imagine made an appearance...and some sort of jamming device was used to shut down the functions of all of our sensor gear and comm devices. We were blacked-out for a few minutes, but when the saucer took off at unbelievable speeds as before, our electronic devices began functioning normally.

We contacted The Voice to see if he knew the nature of the vole-rats beamed message. He seemed distressed. His message was simple and chilling..."Yes, they're on their way, if you want to help me get here now!" We then lost contact with our source.

We traveled to Johannesburg, and booked space-passage to The Evening Star. 5 hours and 45 minutes later we were storing our weapons in lockers prior to reaching customs. Once inside the hollow asteroid, we procured weapons from a friend we made the last time we were there (see Umbe Eratu from my prior report #250297865). We purchased space jumpsuits with hard-vacuum masks and, after the scientists provided us with a diversion, we made our way into the tunnels...the location towards which the vole-rat beam had been sent.

We had arranged to meet The Voice in the tunnels. He told us that the grays were on board The Evening Star, and that he was in danger. He requested that we do what we could to distract the grays long enough that The Voice could get to safety. A map of the secret tunnels was given to us...and we set out to locate the grays. To make it easier, The Voice had provided us with their last known location.

As is our usual style, we "stumbled" onto the grays, and a fire fight was engaged. The grays can best be described as hairless skinny humanoid creatures with large hands, feet, and heads. They stand upright and move with an awkward grace and are armed with "wands" that fire plasma blasts unlike anything we have encountered before. We briefly pushed them back with 9mm charge pistols, stutter-guns, and "flash-bang" stun grenades. Then the chase was on. We led them down a tunnel that led to an airlock. Call it madness, call it genius...but we were going to open he tunnels to the void of space, and "flush" the grays out through violent decompression.

We used gun belts to tie ourselves to the air-lock doors...and throwing caution to the wind...we cast open the doors. We had not anticipated the violence of the rush of air and pressure out of the small opening we had provided. One jumpsuit ripped, threatening to kill Agent Stephanie Fox, and I lost my grip on the door causing a shock to my spine and the muscles of my torso as I whipped backwards to the end of the reach of my belt. We were unable to keep count, but a large number of grays flew past us out into the cold embrace of infinity. Only the powerful efforts of Agent Jordan Fox pulled us through the crisis. He was able to release the door latch, closing off the rush of air. He closed the air lock, repressurized the lock, and brought us to medical attention. I want this segment of my report to be forwarded to KBI Admin Unit for consideration for a Medal of Valor for Agent Jordan Fox, in acknowledgment of his strength and bravery.

The Fox Siblings and Jared helped me to The Evening Star Hospital, where all of us received at least some treatment. I am writing this report from my hospital bed. As soon as I am stabilized, we will return to Terra, where I have some serious surgeries ahead of me.

I want to make sure that I have made it clear that this is a secure document, and should stay in the private hands of Team Leader Susan Buvier and Special Agent Jean Qualls. This report should not be stored in KBI datafiles...as the information contained herein pertains to corruption within agencies that may have access to such files.

We will continue to keep you posted. I think we are onto something big here.

...Respectfully Submitted, Dr. Elsworth T. Lloyd

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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