Elsworth Memo - Episode 14

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April 13, 2503

TO: Team Leader Susan Buvier, CC to Special Agent Jean Qualls
FROM: Agent Elsworth T. Lloyd, M.D.
SUBJECT: Recent investigation of the events surrounding the death of
Knights Templar Sgt. Martin Lloyd (reporting agent's father).
Assassination attempt on KBI agents in KBI Headquarter's
"secured" parking garage and further information substantiating
the theory that a faction within the OSS is collaborating with an
as yet unidentified alien species, referred to in this document as
"the grays."

My father was a Sgt. in the Knights Templar. One night, while I was still in medical school, he asked me to meet him in an alley behind a certain bar...and to bring with me a black-box he had hidden in the basement of our house. When I arrived with the box, and made my way the alley...I saw a pile of flesh and blood on the ground in the alley that I believed to be my father. As I walked towards it...a brilliant fire and light exploded in my head, and the pain began. I later woke in the hospital and was told that I had fallen under a Grav-Rail Train and had almost been cut in half. I had been in a medicine-induced coma for 3 months...and in the meanwhile, my father had "died in a grav-car crash," and had already been cremated. I knew enough to keep my mouth shut about meeting my father in an alley and the hidden black-box he had told me to bring to him. Someone had killed my dad, faked a grav-car accident to explain his death...and had dumped me under a Grav-Rail train to get rid of me. I pretended that I could remember nothing in order to protect my own life.

After that I finished medical school, and took a winding path until I eventually ended up working for the KBI. I always avoided anything having to do with that alley, my father's death, and where that black-box had disappeared to. I was understandably frightened.

But then an old friend of my dad called and told me that another friend of my dad's had died of a heart attack...a rare event in the 26th Century! I purposely am leaving the identity of both these "friends" confidential for their safety and the safety of their families. I checked the autopsy report on the dead friend of my dad's, turns out the automatic medical-scanners missed a thin spot on one of his major artery walls. Plaque buildup had hidden the thinning...and his death by a heart attack was legitimate...though he certainly died fairly young (79 years old).

This made me want to look into my father's heart attack and car-crash. The accident report was very thin considering a law enforcement officer was killed. The file was marked "classified material removed." I later discovered that Assistant Director Jones of the KBI authorized the removal of classified information from the file, as well as declaring the entire file classified. What remained was a computer animation of the crash, video tape from the crash scene showing a horribly mangled body about the proper size and build to match my father, and a text narrative describing the "official" version of the accident. The reporting officer was Michael O'Sullivan, a Knight's Officer. O'Sullivan was killed in the line of duty three years after the death of my father. I found it interesting that his report mentions that crash debris were removed for lab analysis.

I did some research and found the crash debris was still being stored, and was in locker 3894 at Metro PD Headquarters. I went to the locker to see the debris for myself. There was virtually no biological matter in the debris. There was no sign of blood or an attempt to clean away blood in the driver's seat area of the vehicle. But, in the cargo compartment I found a small amount of biological matter. Tests showed it to clearly be blood, but it was not my father's! The auto recording device showed that shortly before the vehicle went into its last tragic descent...it was not being controlled by the city traffic satellite. This is most unusual, and would require someone overriding the vehicle's transponder. In fact the vehicle was on Autopilot! Someone had set a course that required the vehicle to crash...

I tested the blood I found in the cargo compartment of the crashed vehicle and ran it through every Law Enforcement data-base I had access to...with no matches. I called upon a government worker who owes me a favor, and he discovered that the DNA from the blood belongs to a Gilarmo Rodriguez, an OSS agent who disappeared about the time of my father's death. He worked for an OSS section listed as MJ12. My "government friend" was pretty frightened, and said that a grid-shadow pursued him away from the data-base he was using...and he hoped dearly that he had managed to lose the tail on the grid.

The man who performed my father's autopsy was Dr. Jones. He was listed as affiliated with the OSS. No video was in the file, only autopsy notes. The line on the report for where the procedure was performed was left blank. The DNA file for my father's dead body perfectly matched his DNA from a physical 6 years before. Based on DNA strand-shortening that takes place with age, the DNA from the body should have NOT been identical to DNA taken 6 years before. The only two answers that come to mind are yearly gene therapy treatments...a hugely expensive procedure rarely done more frequently than once a decade...or someone took the DNA from 6 years ago and put it in the autopsy report. Outright FRAUD! I was able to find out that "Dr. Jones" was most likely an alias, as OSS employees make a big joke out of giving out fake names that sound like fake names. It is a sign of arrogance on their part...no surprise there! I was able to find no record of where my father's body was cremated, and checking with every funeral home with a Templar contract at the time, no one had any record of the cremation of any Templar personnel on the date of the supposed cremation. My mom just always assumed the Knight's took care of all the costs....

That is where the real problems began. I had no idea what to make of all of this information. Was my father even autopsied? Was he even dead? What is Section MJ12, and what was Gilarmo Rodriguez's involvement in all of this? How did I get from the alley to under a Grav-Rail? What was the "black box" my father was hiding? Why did he have me bring it to him in the alley behind the bar, Patton's Stars? There were so many more questions than answers...so I brought in the rest of my team to the investigation.

The morning of April 9th, I received in my possession the very black-box I had been told by my dad to bring to the alley behind Patton's Stars. I received this box from a confidential source that had located it on my behalf..."in storage." Before I had a chance to examine the box we were summoned to the meeting in the 83rd Floor Conference Room. I was able to have the black-box smuggled out of the KBI Building by an unsuspecting and uninvolved party. I could not risk having it stolen or tampered with...for it had been missing for so long, and could hold such important answers.

The three men in black from OSS were waiting for us in the Conference Room. We knew we were in for it after being warned by Special Agent Jean Qualls, to "Watch our ass." Agent Smith activated a recording device and then began addressing us in his monotone, droll, and insulting tone. He claimed we were investigating a matter of National Security, and that we were in violation of the law. When I asked what he was talking about, he refused to be specific...but did move to impound my computer records. He told us we were lucky he did not arrest us right then, and then thanked us for our "assistance" and told us we were "dismissed."

I made arrangements to protect my computer records, and consolidate information of a private nature that I did not want the OSS to "impound." Our entire team decided it would be best if we left the building, and made our way to the parking garages under the KBI Building. Keep in mind as I describe the events as they unfolded, that the KBI garages are secure. They are guarded 24 hours a day, have intensive high-tech surveillance systems, and for the most part should be the free of gang members, terrorist cells, and assassins...

When we exited the elevator hallway and entered the parking garage, we were assaulted with heavy weapons fire from a group of "gangers." They were heavily armed and had a vehicle they appeared to have brought into the parking garages. An intense fire-fight took place...but no guards responded, no agents "happened-along," and it was only through a fierce survival instinct and years of combat experience (except for me) among our group that we prevailed.

As we took them into custody, their heads began exploding! I have taken an extensive variety of samples and subjected them to careful chemical testing to determine how this was done (results are not available yet), but truly their heads exploded. We contacted Special Agent Jean Qualls, and she instructed us to "Get out, now!" We took our leave of the KBI Building with all possible haste. Though I am unsure if we could prove it (yet), I believe without a doubt that the only group with the power and the pull to attempt to kill us in the KBI Building would be the OSS. Clearly, my investigations had sparked a certain desperation in them, and they were willing to be much-less-than-subtle to take out me and my team-mates.

We went into hiding...retrieved the black-box...and found out something very interesting. The contents of the box did not matter. A tri-dee was constructed into the wall of the box...that was it's secret! The information from the tri-dee pointed to some sort of information or journal being hidden within the huge grid-structure of a major corporation's grid-domain. Until such time as Jason Fox can determine the legality of our intrusion into that grid-domain, I will avoid mentioning which specific corporation it belonged to. Suffice it to say, that a tracking program also located on the hidden tri-dee was our hope of finding the well-hidden information file or journal within the domain.

We contacted Jared Carson, and asked him to help us. He guided us through the complex defenses that the domain-world had waiting for us, and by use of the tracking program, we located the data file. We determined that my father, Sgt. Martin Lloyd had kept a Journal. When things had gotten very dangerous, he had hidden that journal so that someday someone could benefit from the knowledge he had gained.

I have attached a complete copy of the journal to this g-memo, and I think you will find it interesting reading. It confirms my belief that the OSS is involved with an unknown race of aliens often referred to as "the grays." They are receiving technology from them through a secret section within the OSS called "Majestic 12" or "MJ12" for short.

Most disturbing is the recent disappearance of my mother, Marilyn Lloyd. She has not been at home and no one from her work has heard from her. I have tracked her credit use with no results, and have just yesterday filed a missing-persons report on her. I fear this is some further intimidation or revenge motivated actions by the OSS or Majestic 12.

The whole matter, including the journal by my father, have suggested to me that perhaps my father is not dead at all. Perhaps he is in hiding. Perhaps he has taken my Mother to be with him. This portion of the mystery is all a bit much, and it is too soon to tell how I feel about all of this.

One way or the other, it must be made a priority that the KBI work to expose this alien collaboration by the OSS and MJ12...and I must find my mother.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Several members of our team have taken it upon ourselves to make all of our records and reports on this matter "impound-proof," if you will. Automatic grid-boxes have been set up to distribute all of our records to a variety of hurtful sources...the media, foreign governments, government watch-dog groups, etc. We disappear, the grid-boxes fly! Allow me to repeat. Something happens to any one of us that even smells a hint suspicious...the grid-boxes fly! Alternative means, besides grid-boxes have also been established...just to keep things interesting for anyone trying to get around our "information-safety-net." Believe me, a lot of thought went into this, and even a Fusion Core-Devestator used to destroy the entire planet of Terra would not get every one of our protective kernels of knowledge. I will not allow this whole mess to destroy my life, like it did my father's.

...Respectfully Submitted, Dr. Elsworth T. Lloyd

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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