Republic of the Plains - Timeline

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The Republic of the Plains (The ROP) was first settled by Mennonite agriculturists from the equivalent geographic region on Old Earth. The Mennonite's quickly transformed this fertile region into the breadbasket of North America. In the process they formed one of the most powerful corps on Terra-Sol, The Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative (The MAC). This corp has now branched out into heavy machinery manufacturing, robotics and micro-technology.

The Mennonites were quick to recognize that many of their neighbors intentions towards them were not totally benign. However the Mennonites religious beliefs called for pacifism, so they quickly encouraged other groups to settle in their area. Many of these groups came to form the defense capability of The ROP, just as the Mennonites had intended. One of the first of these groups was The Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar are a Catholic order dedicated to the preservation of the Catholic church and sworn to protect the Pope. Now they are also sworn to the defense of The ROP. During GW I this group was organized to defend Earth (Terra) and specifically the Papacy. The group eventually developed into a full fledged community dedicated to developing warriors for its Knighthood. They were granted land holdings on Mars in return for their service. However at the conclusion of GW I, the Earth (Terran) government agreed as part of the peace treaty, to exile the Knights and confiscate their land holdings. During the next 24 years the Knights wandered throughout the outlands until the Mennonites offered them land in exchange for military service.

The Knights have set up a semi-autonomous district in Kansas City, called the New Vatican. It is the seat of the Cardinal of the Twilight Sector and the Papal seat when the pope visits Terra-Sol, which has occurred on two occasions.

Before the arrival of the Knights Templar the Mennonites were forced to seek other options to protect their territorial interests. One of these was somewhat successful, the other could be considered disastrous, although the Mennonites have never commented on this episode. During the initial settlement of The ROP, the MAC contracted with the Arasaka (air-a-sock-a) corp to provide security services. Arasaka is a Japan based mega-corp. They are the leading suppliers of security services and armaments on Terra-Sol. The two corporate philosophies never meshed, and rumor says there was bad blood between the two. This may have stemmed from Arasaka's strong arm attempts to obtain a set on the MAC board of directors. Inn typical Mennonite fashion though, there has never been any comment offered by the MAC, beyond the announcement of the cancellation of the Arasaka contract upon the immigration of The Knights Templar. Many observers, less kindly than the Mennonites attribute the introduction of the Yakuza into The ROP, to Arasaka. Public opinion also asserts that Arasaka is the sponsor of many entities with anti-ROP agendas.

The second and more successful option which the Mennonites took, was an appeal to the newly Emerged community for help. The Mennonites, ever tolerant, were a perfect fit for many of the emerged communities which felt persecuted, especially in the time leading up to the Mutant Uprising that Sparked GW II. All categories of the Emerged community responded, but by far the largest group was the so-called "Orcs" (To this day there is still a large section of Kansas City, east of Downtown, known as the Orchish ghetto. This area is not blighted as the name would imply, but is merely how the residents themselves refer to the area. In fact it has become quite a trendy address, especially for young people). The Orcs provided valuable military service for the newly formed ROP, and to this day continue to provide exemplary military service.

During the early years of settlement the Mennonites received help from a most unusual quarter and in a most unusual fashion. With the discovery of Terra-Sol, many ethnic groups of Old Earth perceived the new planet as the perfect venue to address ancient wrongs. One of these were the natives of North America, "The Indians". Many of these ethnic groups sought a return to their native values and way of life. At least as much as was possible in the 25th century. Indian groups flocked to Terra-Sol and proceeded to stake their claims on certain pieces of real estate. In many areas this lead to great social and political turmoil, Columbia and The Republic of Texas being prime examples, and the Aztec Empire an example of where "The Indians" seized control of the political process entirely. However the Mennonites in their typical fashion, welcomed the new arrivals and granted them semi-autonomous status on their settled lands. This quickly proved a most advantageous position when a border dispute developed with The Republic of Texas (ROT) in 2336. The Sioux nation quickly came to the defense of their parent nation, the ROP. Repelling the invading Texans and securing the ROP's border in fact, a border that was soon also won at the bargaining table (A fact often overlooked is, that although the Mennonites are pacifists, they are expert negotiators). Today the ROP contains some 26 semi-autonomous "Indian Nations".

The ROP has parlayed it's role as one of the leading agricultural nations of Terra-Sol to became an economic giant. When it started to develop mega-corp's, it's place in the international economic pecking order was assured. The MAC (Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative) was a natural outgrowth of The ROP's agricultural power. But it would have been a one trick pony and never achieved its current levels of success if it hadn't managed to take some of it's newfound capital and convert it into a more diverse business portfolio. This was accomplished when the MAC branched out into heavy machinery manufacturing, robotics and micro-technology to name a few. When a second mega-corp, Sub-Atomic, emerged, as well as a host of lessor corps The ROP had successfully diversified it's economy.

By Orion standards, ROP politics are a model of stability. The ROP has three major political parties (the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party and the Libertarians) as well as a host of smaller parties. The Libertarians are the strongest of the three, enjoying the support of most of the founding Mennonites, who although few in number still command the respect of most factions within the ROP.

Currently tensions are rising in The ROP as the veterans of GW II return home. Over 20 million ROP citizens are scheduled to be returning home in the next 18 months. Many citizens are jealous of the returning veterans pension and housing benefits, while the veterans are restless for job opportunities in an economy struggling to change over from a war time to a peace time footing.


2326: Establishment of the first Mennonite settlement in the area around Salina.
2328: Incorporation of the Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative.
2332: The Republic of the Plains officially established. Kansas City is named as the capital.
2335: The ROP accepts immigrants as other nations such as The ROT, Columbia and The
ROC, turn them away. This leads to The ROP's first population boom.
2336: ROT border incursion repelled by the Sioux.
2344: The phenomenon of "Goblinization" occurs on Terra-Sol. The ROP is only slightly affected.
2346: The Mutant uprising occurs across most of human space, marking what would in retrospect
be the beginning of The Second Galactic War (GW II).
2347: The ROP offers recognition and rights to all members of the newly "Emerged" population.
Members of these groups flock to The ROP.
2348: The Knights Templar accepts The ROP's offer and immigrate to Terra-Sol.
2349: The Dreadnought "Kansas" is lost when, with all weapons systems spent, it rams the Void Corp Fortress Ship "Capital". The Void Corp ship loaded with ground troops ear marked for the invasion of Terra-Sol, was also destroyed. The Void Corp ship was insystem and the "Kansas", represented Terra-Sol's last line of defense. She was lost with all 25,000
hands, mostly ROP citizens.
2351: The Terra-Sol fleet dubbed "Vengeance", destroys the Helix system, eliminating Terra-Sol's only
viable threat in the Twilight Sector.
2355: The Orion League designates Terra-Sol a resource world, signaling the beginning of massive
investments in manufacturing and infrastructure, as well as large numbers of immigrants.
2357: Discovery of the Grand Moreau archeological site in the Black Hills.
2358: Incorporation of Sub-Atomic occurs. The corp is headquartered in Kansas City.
2361: Emperor Decret of the Thuldan Empire, announces the formation of the Expansion Pentad, which includes his nation, VoidCorp, the Hatire Community, the Nariac Domain and the Dreth
Commonwealth. This is quickly followed by the the formation of the FreeSpace Alliance, by the
Orion League, the Borealis Republic and the Orlamu Theocracy, as well as an alliance known as Profit, by The Rigunmor Star Consortium, the Union of Sol, Austrin-Ontis Unlimited, and StarMech.
2367: Several "Indian" tribes rebel against the Russian Empire in Alaska and British Columbia. Orion
Peacekeepers are brought in, and in an historic ruling by the Orion Supreme Court, borders and
political relationships are frozen pending the conclusion of GW II.
2373: The 14th, 423rd, and 82nd marine jump divisions descend on the jungle planet of Sologne. This
invasion would turn into a 25-year campaign of attrition. The 14th was an all ROP unit.
2375: The Battle of Kendai occurs. The drivespace communications link to the Verge is destroyed
during the battle.
2389: For the first time ever a session of the Orion House of Equals is held on Terra-Sol. The
Concomitant Platz, in Kansas City is the cite.
2394: Representatives from Insight, a division of VoidCorp, clandestinely meet with leaders of the FreeSpace Alliance and share Expansion Pentad plans and secrets.
2396: Numerous sightings of UFO's are reported across the lightly populated Mongolian heartland. A
five year study of the incident, concludes the sightings were the result of "Mass delusion and
weather phenomena.... No known technology could evade modern detection devices", the report
2398: The campaign for Sologne ends, Orion ground forces (including the 14th marine jump division)
prevailing over Void Corp forces.
2401: The turning point of GW II, the Battle of Songham is fought. The Thuldan Empire and the Expansion Pentad are pushed back after almost 70 years of success. The "gentleman's agreement" between the Free-Space Alliance and Profit ends.
2402: Victory at the battle of Deneb secures the Cresent sector for the Orion's.
2403: Void Corp and the Orion League conclude a bilateral armistice.
2411: The Dukett theory on the evolution of Terra-Sol is first advanced by Professor Thomas Dukett
of the University of Edmonton. The theory proposes that Terra-Sol, contrary to popular belief
is indeed a naturally evolved world. Citing as proof a list of plants and animals native to Terra-
Sol but not native to Old Earth. Prof. Dukett an archeologist by training, offers as further
evidence the fossil records of these creatures.
2418: A wave of terrorist and saboteur attacks occur on Terra-Sol. The responsible party is never
identified. The ROP did not escape this wave of destruction. A Des Moines induction engine
plant suffers a catastrophic explosion, killing over 50,000 people.
2425: Professor Dukett of the University of Edmonton discovers an archeological site on King William
Island Northwest Territory. Initial reports from the site suggest the discovery of fossil evidence
confirming natural evolution of Terra-Sol
2427: Orion security forces take over the King William Island archeological site, invoking the
imminent threat clause of the constitution. An emergency appeal by the ROP is heard by the
Supreme Court, which in a sealed verdict, rules in favor of the federal government.
2432: Orion reverses towards the core, lead to additional troop call-ups, and the extension of
enlistment's for many ROP military personnel.
2434: Avron Verstildes, the Thuldan Empire's minister of industry lands a hijacked Thuldan Corsair at
Berlin Starport. He claims to be on a mission of peace. German authorities take him into
custody, eventually handing him over to Orion government security forces.
2441: A copyright infringement dispute between General Pneumatics and Sub-Atomic leads to a
corporate forces raid by General Pneumatics against a Sub-Atomic plant in St. Louis. When ROP
forces respond the General Pneumatic raiders flee across the border into the USA. When ROP
forces pursue them, USA military forces respond leading to a pitched battle which quickly
escalates into a week of hard fighting. Orion security forces respond and separate the combatants.
However when the USA discovers that the Orion forces consist of several ROP derived units, they
attack the Orion peacekeepers. This then leads to six months of hard fighting before off planet
derived Orion peacekeepers can calm the situation.
2446: Several buildings in the Orchish Ghetto section of Kansas City are virtually destroyed when two
rival corps/Interstellar Nations (reputedly Void Corp and Insight) wage a pitched battle in the
streets. Despite popular opinion on the identity of the participants, it is never confirmed.
2449: Stellar instability on star NG-34493 (distance 46 light years) is rumored to be related to Void
Corp's testing of a new super weapon.
2451: The Orion House of Equals meets once again on Terra-Sol. This time at the Nairobi Speakers
Hall, in Kenya.
2455: Without prior publicity, several Interstellar heads of state including President Hale of the Orion
League. Also present where the heads of state of Void Corp, Insight, The Thuldan Empire and
The Terran Union.
2460: Insight declares its independence from VoidCorp, forming a new stellar nation. The VoidCorp Grid crashes.
2461: One thousand people claiming to be UFO abductees, disappear on the summer equinox. No trace
of them is ever found.
2467: The Russian Empire is censored by the Orion League for its treatment of "Indians" in Alaska.
2472: The Treaty of Concord is agreed to, marking the end of GW II. It will be a further 27 years before the treaty is ratified by all the stellar nations.
2475: President Hale leaves office after five terms. Saying he was going to look for his son Christopher
who had disappeared several years earlier.
2489: The Borealis Colony of Spes, a planet orbiting Hammer's Star in the Verge, is attacked and destroyed by unknown forces.
2491: Concord begins reconstruction of the Helix system in the Twilight Sector.
2496: The Kendai drivespace relay is rebuilt. Contact with the Verge is reestablished, transmitting the
seven year-old distress call from Hammer's Star.
2497: The Concord Fortress ship Monitor arrives in the Verge and begins a tour of major star systems on the way to Hammer's Star. The Monitor finds the Silver Bell colony a battered ruin.
2499: The Treaty of Concord is finally ratified by all participants of GW II.
2501: Current year...beginning of campaign.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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