Proposed Star-Ship

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(The formatting didn't convert very well...but I will straighten things out once we settle on a ship design!)

The following is a base line to start your discussion on designing your very own starship. You will have 6 million credits to use towards outfitting your starship. Remember you already have the 40 durability military hull.

Cat System Durability Power Notes
Power Mass Reactor (4) 8 0 Generates 20 power points
Eng Induction engine (3) 6 6 Generates 3
movement points
Drv Stardrive 3 * 15-30 power points = 5 ly
Sup Auto Support unit (2) 0 2 Need one unit per 20
Dur supported
Sen Multiband Radar 0 0
Sen Mass Detector 1 0
Sen Spectroanalyzer 1 1
Comm Mass Transceiver 1 1
Comp Ordinary Computer Core 1 0 Max level available is
Crew Crew Quarters 3 0 Provides space for up
to 18 crew
Crew Sick Bay 2 0
Crew Entertainment Bay 1 0 Per 4 entertainees
Car Auto Cargo 1 1 24 cubic meters of
Armor Light Neutronite 0 0 d6/d6/d6-1
Ship Weapons Mass Cannon (2) 4 6 d6+2s/d6+1w/d6+3w
Range 5/10/15 LI(e)
______ ______
31 17

This is just a baseline, there are a lot of ways you could go with this ship. You could put a bunch of the rest of your points in engines and make it fast. You could put a bunch of points in power and increase your starfall range. You could upgun, you could add armor. There's all sorts of things you can do. Don't forget you can delete an item and use the durability saved for another system. Also don't forget you have to pay for every system on the ship out of your 6 million. One last reminder, you don't have to power up all systems at one time, so you can have more power needed than power factors. As a matter of fact just before starfall it is common to power down all other systems to make the transition. Once the starfall is accomplished (1 round) the stardrive no longer needs all that power, and so other systems, like life support ;) can be powered back up. If I calculated correctly the above items total 4,765,000.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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