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Your characters will spend the next 18 months in a highly intensive regimen of study to learn skills that will be useful on a spacecraft. This training is provided by the MAC at a Newport News Shipyards, facility on the dark side of Athena. You are cut off from contact with the outside world which means you're safe, but it also bores you out of your minds. Your only release from this boredom is to immerse yourselves in the training.

Each character will receive 12 AP's from their training to spend on space based skills. You can each also make a Resolve/Mental Resolve check for additional points. This represents how well you applied yourself and overcame the boredom. A critical failure doesn't provide you with any extra points but you don't lose any either. A Marginal result gets you 2 extra AP's, an Ordinary gets you 4, a Good 6 and an Amazing gets you 8. An Amazing will also entitle you to an additional roll!

Space based skills are things like, Vehicle Operations/Space Vehicle, all the System Operations skills, Navigation/ Astrogation, drivespace and system, Physical Science skills, Tactics/Space Tactics, Culture/First Contact. Others I might be talked into, include things like the Technical Science skills, Survival skills, maybe even Medical Science skills or Computer Science. I'll listen to anything you guys want to propose, but you better be able to argue why it'll be necessary in space.

You may want to discuss among yourselves who will take what skills, so you can get as many bases covered as possible (pilot, weapons, navigation, engineering, etc.). At the same time, you might want to pull out your PHB's and look at the vehicles section and start discussing what you want to see in your ship. While training I'll allow for some modification to the ship you'll be using to "Survey" the Twilight Sector. You also might want to look at the equipment guide and if you have the Outbound supplement, you might check it out for equipment to include on the ship.

Steve and I had a discussion about this tonight and we decided that everyone should get the Acrobatics skill free. This is the broad category for zero-g. So everyone can take this in addition to the points you gained for your training. If you already have this skill, you can take an additional 7 points to spend on other space training.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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