Star of the Plains...Oct. 18, 2501 - April 9, 2503

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Star of the Plains October 18, 2501

Kansas City - by Simon Cowing

The Capital Citizens Association today filed an official protest with the Metro PD regarding the recent deaths of citizens shot by law enforcement officers while under the control of a group of rouge mindwalkers. Clay Chatim group spokesman said "We feel the use of force was excessive. These people died through no fault of their own, they had no control over their actions at the time. This is just one more instance of law enforcement officials using a cannon when a stun gun would have sufficed." Metro PD spokesman said that "The department regretted the death of civilians but the officers involved where left with no other options."

"Other innocent lives were at stake as well. If we'd have used less force and some of those people would have died we'd of caught hell for that. Sometimes police officers just have to react to the situation", Metro Chief Ray Willoby said.

Kansas City - By Sylvia Cruz

The Psionic Anti Defamation League urged tolerance towards it's members in light of the recent civilian deaths blamed on a rouge psionic group. The league said, "Mindwalkers are an important part of society often participating as members of law enforcement. It is important that we not let the actions of a few outlaw individuals reflect on all mindwalkers" in a news release.


(EP) - Terra-Sight today has announced that the release of their new grid software, Grid Pilot 4.0 will be delayed. Unnamed company sources attribute the production delay to a virus found in the product just before initial orders where to have been shipped. No new release date has been given.

Star of the Plains December 21, 2501


(EP) - A plot to kill alleged drug King-pin Rudolph Motley was foiled on Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Mr. Motley serving a life sentence for drug trafficking in the Twilight and Crescent sectors was the target of a group of assassins posing as researchers from Piedmont Interstellar University. Various universities are given permission to study Gaurhoth, and they usually go heavily armed. Several members of the Piedmont expedition were actually hired assassins. Members of the Orion Wardens Corps and the 48th Orion Colonial division foiled the plot.

Kansas City - by Sylvia Cruz

Another victim of the so-called "Torso Murderer" has been recovered from the Missouri River, just east of the Orchish Ghetto. This is the 11th victim linked to this murderer in the last six years. The perpetrator has earned their moniker because only the torsos of their victims have ever been recovered. All the victims have been linked to prostitution. Seventeen additional murders have been linked to the acts of copycat's.


(From the Star Grid Service) - Two Homer (Russian Empire) men who were convicted of espionage for trespassing on the Orion reserve on King William Island were sentenced to life imprisonment on Tol-in-Gaurhoth. The OSS during the apprehension of the group killed two others on July 1, 2499.

Star of the Plains April 29, 2502


London (EP) - The Interstellar Trade Commission has brought suit against the Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative's mining division, claiming unfair trade practices and price fixing. The Commission claims that the MAC has engaged in a pattern of squeezing out small mining operations within the ROP with the tacit approval of the ROP government. MAC Chairman Mordachia Smith dismisses the ISTC suit as another one of London's witch-hunts, designed to help those corporations in favor with the Governors office. "Those small mining operations are really just shell corporations owned by Multi-Stellars like TemCo and Pax. We'll be fighting this suit with all the means at our disposal, and we'll win on the facts."

Senator Hale Visits Terra Sol

London (EP) - Senator Bruce Hale of Jaeger is in the midst of a month long fact finding trip to Terra-Sol for the Senate Star Forces committee which he chairs. Senator Hale the son of former President Warthan Hale is rumored to be a presidential candidate in 2504, but he has neither confirmed nor denied that on this trip.


Singapore (EP) - VCT (VoidCorp Terra) has announced the shipment to distributors of a new gridrunning software product titled "Grid Navigator". The product apparently developed in secrecy is reported to be selling well.

Star of the Plains June 3, 2502


Singapore (EP) - A Singapore warehouse fire has apparently destroyed VCT's (VoidCorp Terra) entire current inventory of its new product, Grid Navigator 4.0. A Company spokesman refused to discuss why the company's entire inventory for this product was located in a single warehouse.


Mon Olympus, Apollo (EP) - The Terran vole-rat, a communal species of rodent, have been found to emit low frequency radio waves to communicate with one another. The discovery was made when a survey ship orbiting Apollo detected faint background radio noise, which was eventually isolated and traced back to the Congo valley in Africa which is home to a large number of these creatures. Scientists then discovered the radio waves were emanating from vole-rat warrens. Further study revealed the purpose of their use among this unique, native Terran Species.

Kansas City - by Sylvia Cruz

War hero and Assistant KBI director, Admiral Horatio Charles Jones passed away at 1:17 am this morning. Director Jones died of injuries suffered in the line of duty on October 17, 2501. Funeral arrangements have not been released at this time. The family requests donations to the Lost Child Network in lieu of flowers.

Star of the Plains September 19, 2502


London (EP) - President Lora Trigard is scheduled to make a campaign fundraising trip to Terra-Sol on behalf of the Libertarian party. She is due to arrive on October 29th. This will be the Presidents second trip to Terra-Sol since her election in 2499.


Helex (EP) - Concord officials have lodged an official protest with the Galactic Consulate over the destruction of a distressed Orion Merchant ship on June 1st by VoidCorp in the Netherell system. A Concord cruiser, responding to the merchantman's distress signal was turned away by VoidCorp naval assets on June 6th . It was not allowed to conduct search and rescue operations as required by The Treaty of Concord. The Netherell system has been under interdiction by VoidCorp since it's discovery by that stellar nation. The Treaty of Concord ratified this status. However Interstellar law experts believe this incident will be an interesting test of the powers granted to the Concord military by that treaty.

Kansas City - Sylvia Cruz

The third disappearance this month in the Vidrickson Starport district, was reported by Metro PD media liaison, Adell Bjornson. This brings the total reported since April to 13. The latest victim was reported to be a businessman from Regina. No other details were released and the police have kept a tight lid on their investigation.
Star of the Plains December 21, 2502

Kansas City - Sylvia Cruz

This holiday season has been quite lucrative for ROP (Republic of the Plains) merchants. KC area retailers report sales increases over last year of 3.7%. The MAC's (Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative) retail division reports an even more robust increase of 4.1%.


Concord (EP) - VoidCorp's senior representative to Concord has vetoed the Concord's Twilight Sector District Court's decision that VoidCorp was legally liable over the June 6th incident at Netherall in which a distressed Orion Merchantman was destroyed by VoidCorp naval assets. The decision is unusual in that VoidCorp didn't take the normal appeals through the Concord's court system. VoidCorp issued a statement that "Netherall is a military interdicted system and will remain so. Any unauthorized ships or personnel are subject to seizure, imprisonment or destruction at the discretion of the VoidCorp Commander on the scene."
Rumors persist that the Orion Concord representative may propose legislation to overturn the VoidCorp designation of the Netherall system.


Medellin (EP) - After almost a year of study AFS (Andes Free State) advances in Panama, Aztec forces have launched a major counter-offensive. The offensive launched from Aztec strongholds in Serrania Del Sapo has achieved major advances along a 30-mile front.

Star of the Plains April 9, 2503


Moscow (EP) - Border Clashes between Russian Empire forces and Finnish Defense Forces clashed all along their common border again today. Wu Chin Governor of Terra-Sol was scheduled to meet with the Tsar today in an attempt to negotiate a cease-fire.


London (EP) - The RCB (Revenue Collection Bureau) has disclosed that the MAC (Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative) is under investigation for under reporting their gross income for the years 2497 through 2500. MAC stock took a 12 ½ point drop on the Terra-Sol stock exchange on the strength of this news. Dropping to 112 1/8 credits.


London (EP) - A spokesman for the Orion Libertarian Party today announced that their parties presidential nominating convention will be held on Terra-Sol on August 8th through the 13th of this year. The convention will be headquartering at Freedom Hall in Capetown, Congolese Republic.

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