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                May 12, 2503            METROPOLITAN EDITION


Kansas City – Anthony Marshall – The Concommit Platz today saw a gathering of approximately 100,00 veterans of the Neravax campaign. The veterans were protesting what they call the “benefits gap”.  The difference in veterans benefits provided to themselves as opposed to those provided to veterans of the Second Galactic War. 

Protest leader Charles Stableford told this reporter that his group would present their case to the veterans affairs committee of the Orion House of Equals, next month on Jagger.  “Preserving the peace deserves the same economic recognition as defending the nation.  The blood we shed is every bit as red as that of the GWII vets.” 

Veteran Affairs Commissioner Steven Solloman, commented from his office in London that although he understood the plight of the Neravax veterans that, “There is only so much money to go around.  We try and do the best we can with the limited resources at our disposal.”


Twilight Sector, Frontier (EP) – The FSS (Federal Scout Ship) Grimshaw, an exploration vessel reports contact with a human inhabited planet at, G00796-

A22719, of the Twilight Sector.  The system’s primary is an M-Class star. 

The natives refer to their planet and their system as Unnight.  Largely due to the unusual binary nature of the systems habitable planet and its large low density moon.  The planet was settled in 2194 apparently by the previously lost Pan-African colonization expedition.  This expedition was sponsored by an Old Earth, multi-national organization called the United Nations. 

The discovery of another Class 1 planet in the sector is sure to set off a firestorm of claims for ownership.  In fact the Union of Sol has already logged a claim with Galactic Concord based on the origin and sponsorship of the planets colonists.  The Union of Sol claim states that it is a successor organization of the United Nations.

The Orion League however appears to have locked up political authority over the system based on right of discovery and a treaty of protection negotiated by the Grimshaw’s captain, Edward Lewiston with the nominal government of Unnight. 

The colonists are reported to have reverted into a low technology state due to an

Undisclosed natural disaster shortly after planet fall.  The system has been interdicted by the scout service to protect the colonist’s culture, according to Concord rule 3946.13.  OSF (Orion Star Force) vessels have responded to the FSS interdiction notice and Unnight is currently under the watchful eye of a battlegroup centered on the dreadnought OSF Saratoga.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia (EP) - FON (Free Orion Now) terrorists today detonated a bomb and conducted random machine gun attacks against Buddhist pilgrims to the holy site of Angkor Wat, in Cambodia.  78 are reported dead with estimates of another 150 wounded. 

A grid-box to 24 leading newspapers on Terra-Sol, including The Star of the Plainsâ, states:

“As the philosopher Karl Marx proclaimed in Das Capital, “Religion is the Opiate of the Masses”.  We must shock the bourgeois to realize the truth of this statement and lead them down the revolutionary road.  Only through the cleansing fire of revolution can the human race throw off the shackles of classism and capitalist imperialism.  Through revolution we shall achieve a true freedom.  Freedom from the tyranny of a multi-class society fostered by the inefficiency of capitalist dogma and

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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