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              August 30,2503           METROPOLITAN EDITION


Kansas City – Anthony Marshall – The Orion State Deparment Minister in conjunction with ROP today announced that all Nariac Diplomatic personnel had been expelled from the Republic of the Plains.  Although this move was made without comment, it is clear that the State Department is laying blame for the recent spate of terrorist activity as well as the rumored plot to assassinate Progressive Party Presidential Candidate Bruce Hale.  The most recent terrorist incident occurred approximately one month ago in the ROP, presumably this is the reason for expelling Nariac personnel from that Orion State.  By taking this action diplomatic analysts speculate that a measured response can be sent to the Nariac that further sponsorship of terrorism within Orion borders will not be tolerated. 

In a related story, the ROP Department of the Interior today announced that the Nariac diplomatic consulate building had been seized when the Nariac had refused to reimburse ROP companies and citizens for property loss and death resulting from recent terrorist activity.  Nariac Diplomatic spokesman Mikal Constintine responded that all Nariac citizens shared the loss with the great peoples of the Orion League, but that they could not offer reimbursement

For an incident in which his government played no part.


Houston, ROT (EP) – In a wave of UFO sightings said not to have been equaled since 2461, both Orion and ROT Air Forces were scrambled to investigate over 1,000 reported sightings.  Reports came in across the southern portion of the Houston Metroplex as far south as Galveston.  No contact was reported with the unidentified objects by either of the responding Air Forces.  Analysis of local radar recorders was not available at press time.


Kansas City – Sylvia Cruz – In what can only be described as a case of the minnow swallowing the whale, the Mennonite Agricultural Cooperative’s Board of Trustees today announced that they had aquired controlling interest in the Newport News Shipyards. 

NNSY with annual sales of approximately 35 trillion Concord Dollars, is 10 times the size of the MAC.  The company has holdings throughout the

Orion league.  It is very strong in The Twilight Sector as well as the neighboring Cresent Sector.  They also have the second largest shipyard in the ROP at the capital Jeager.  Other holdings are in the Orlamu Theocracy and the Solar Union where the company was founded on Old Earth in approximatly the 20th century. 

NNSY is primarily a ship building and shipping corporation.  Although they also have some interests in several ancillary industries which provide high tech components for Starships and other technological equipment. 


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