Stone Mason - Background

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Stone was born in Paris on May 12, 2467. His mother was Angelica Louzelle a young women of only 16. Apparently your father was of a similar age and did not take any responsibility for you. Angelica did the right thing and gave birth to you and maybe even considered keeping you and raising you herself but when you came out a mutant it was probably just all too much. An unwed mother with a mutant baby would be shunned by most societies (The ROP being a notable exception) on Terra-Sol.

Your mutation (Elvishism) is quite common on Terra-Sol and is found almost exclusively here. Its causes those afflicted to be tall lanky individuals often with heightened dexterity and light sensitivity. Within six months of your birth you were taken to an orphanage outside of London operated by the OSS. There you grew up and were educated with 24 other children, both mutant and mundane. Your childhood was a happy one although somewhat isolated. The orphans never had any real contact with anyone outside the orphanage. You had lots of kids your age to play with and the "sponsors" were very kind. The "sponsors" were couples who took care of the children. There were always at least six couples on site. Three of the couples were permanent and stayed the entire time of your growing up. The others rotated in and out every three years. Your best friends here were Billy Symington, Carl Winston, and Sidde Morhautmu. You were taught all the standard subjects as well as classes in how to develop the abilities inferred by your mutation. During your adolescence although it was prohibited you developed a relationship, in every sense of the word, with one of the girls at the school, Beth Lazon. She was your first love and when it came time for both of you to leave for college your sponsors prohibited you both from going to the same University. You both vowed to be faithful to each other and wait until school was done then you could be together and get married.

In your senior year you heard from Beth that she was engaged and wouldn't be seeing you again. You were heartbroken but your "family" (i.e. the sponsors) soon stepped in and offered you meaningful work after you were done with school. They appealed to the sense of loyalty and patriotism that they had engendered in you over the years with an offer "to do important work for your government". Only eight of the original twenty-four joined your endeavor, but they included Billy and Sidde. You were trained in the arts of covert surveillance, weapons and assassination. Your instructors explained that there were "enemies of the state" who were constantly at work, seeking to subvert the Orion government, and that only the vigilance of certain groups (like yours) within the government were keeping the enemies at bay. After six years of this training and indoctrination, you were finally turned lose to contribute to the protection of the Orion State.

The six of you that completed your training (two washed out including Billy) formed your own cell, and were assigned periodic operations. Your base was a small quasi-military installation in northern Scotland. Missions assigned to your group usually only called for one team member. The other members would help the assigned individual rehearse for their operation. During your four years as part of the team you undertook five operations yourself. All involved the assassination of individual targets except your last one. It involved three targets and was to be carried out in Bangkok, Thailand. You had good intelligence and lay in wait for your targets in an open warehouse, which afforded you an excellent kill zone. You dropped the first two before they knew what hit them. The third attempted to run but you shot him in the back as he ran. The shot didn't kill him and he continued to crawl towards the door. You left your perch and approached the third victim, as you did you noticed he clutched something in his hand. After administering the coup-de-grace you reached down and took what he had in his hand. It was a 3D crystal. Just at that moment the door to the warehouse burst open and police poured into it. There first burst of gunfire hit you in the shoulder but you managed to duck under cover. Your superior training allowed you to make your escape from a room full of enemies while injured and bleeding. After you got out of the warehouse your curiosity overpowered you, and as you sat bleeding on a subway car making your way back to the safe house you popped the 3D into your dataslate and were treated to home movies of the last man you had killed and his family. Two young daughters and a wife roughhoused on a pretty green lawn. In front of a pretty white house. It was the first time you'd ever been confronted with the human aspect of any of your victims. Here was a man you'd been told was evil, but he didn't look evil. In fact he appeared to have all the things you wanted but until that moment didn't know you wanted. He had a family and a wife, something to live for. You on the other hand simply lived to kill. It was a bitter realization.

You eventually made your way back to the local safe house only to find that it had also been compromised and was crawling with police. After two difficult months of recovery and travel back to your home base in Scotland you found it abandoned. You had been betrayed. Left out in the cold, they probably hoped you were dead.

The next thing you remember was about six months later, a kindly women was helping you up from the gutter of some back alley in some large city. You vaguely recognized the women. She was Helen Merchant, one of the "Sponsors" from your days at the orphanage. The city turned out to be London and Helen took you back to her apartment and nursed you back to health. Helping you back to reality after six months of lost time in a schizophrenic haze . You remembered she had a husband named Jeff, but he wasn't around and she never volunteered any information about him. As a matter of fact she didn't talk about herself at all and you got the feeling it would be impolite to ask, and so you never did. But she was kind and the only real human contact you'd had in a very long time. After a few months you expressed your desire to have a normal life. Helen suggested Kansas City, mentioning the large Elvish population and she even bought you a ticket and gave you a little money "to tide you over". She also provided you with a letter of introduction to Jean Qualls. Jean turned out to be a KBI official and after meeting you she got you a job interview with the KBI. Eventually you were offered a job, which you accepted and for the last year or so have been in the KBI's training academy in Pierre, South Dakota Territory.

GM: Michael Cross (e-mail)

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