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"Snowy wastes for as far as the eye can see. Mountains of blue stone covered
in sheets of wind-blown ice. Fortified townships vying for a limited amount of
hunting and trade. Rugged men whose ancestors refused to surrender to the
perpetual winter. Abandoned castles and ancient sites of power litter the
mountain range. And at its center, the largest castle of all...
...the Keep of Azure Ice."



The Azure Kingdom is a region on my first and only campaign world, The World of Kempin. I first drew the map of Kempin about 15 years ago, but the material presented here was created within the last year or two. I designed the Azure Kingdom to harken back to the old days, when we would play from early in the afternoon, through the night, into the early morning hours...when the game was new to us, and we were excited to encounter monsters we had never seen before...when things would happen in the game that we would still end up talking about 20 years later...and when we would laugh so hard for so long our guts would hurt!

The time seems perfect for such nostalgia. The release of the new Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition game...with its cleaned up rules, improved monsters and magic items, and an open license for “amateur-created” gaming material...seems to have inspired a fresh creativity within me. I have been running a "character-driven" campaign using this game setting...focusing on adventures and encounters designed around the specific interests of the party. I like having a supporting cast with a lot of depth...good guys and bad guys. If you end up running a game in this setting...make it your own. The only thing that matters is how much fun you and your players have. Build a bigger-than-life story around the characters, strive to surprise and astound them, and they will surely work to surprise and astound you!


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