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Religions on the World of Kempin

Religions and their followers rarely stay in one place. But, the map above gives some idea of where religions on the World of Kempin originated and where they are still a dominant force. There are 12 religions detailed here, most of which may directly affect player characters during a game. But, their exist on Kempin many other religions, beliefs, and cultic activity not detailed here. This is especially true of demi-human and non-human religions, and the worship of devils, demons, and other-worldly beings other than Gods.

Also keep in mind that few religions are entirely monolithic or consistent. So, the descriptions of each religion attempt to give an overview or generalization about the beliefs and practices of that religion. But, beliefs and approaches within a religion can differ. There are various sects and belief-groups within any one religion that differ in their approaches. So, let the religion descriptions inform and guide you, but do not allow them to limit and restrain you.

There are many towns and areas on Kempin that will not have temples or full-fledged spell-casting clerics available, due to lower populations and a lower degree of civilization or development. In many places, the best one could do would be to find the most devoted person to that God or Goddess in the area. This devoted follower would likely have an altar and could guide a ritual honoring their God or Goddess. Friends and neighbors would likely call this devoted follower a "friend" to that God or Goddess, and acknowledge their special place in the community. But, even in temples or monastaries, not everyone in the Temple is a spell-casting cleric. Such blessed representatives to their God or Goddess are rare.

Where ever possible, each God or Goddess has been assigned one or more Divine Domains from the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules. Currently, including 3 new Domains detailed in a Unearthed Arcana article, there are 10 total Domains. But, it is possible to work with the DM to design additional Divine Domains if that is useful to creating the cleric character you want to play.