The written history of the World of Kempin goes back 10,000 years.  In the real world, my first map of Kempin was drawn and then hand-painted back in the middle 1980's.  I have DM'd multiple gaming groups in the World of Kempin, and over 40 years have passed in the game world since the first game.  Our campaign is set in the Great Barrens in the Empire of Bone.

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The primary goals of this campaign are to tell an amazing character-focused, dramatic story...and to have fun doing it. We want to create stories and memories that we are talking and laughing about years from now. We want to create characters that live and breathe, and put them in situations that bring the whole game setting to life.

The 5th Edition rules were designed to do their job, support great-story-telling, and then get out of the way.  And they do their job well.  I'll be keeping track of character experience points on a Google Sheet.  Click this banner to access the character XP's...  

The Great Barrens

At the edges of every civilization are fringe areas to which gravitate those elements of society that do not fit well within the culture, laws, and structure of the civilized world. To these fringe areas arrive an odd collection of religious extremists, criminals, danger-seekers, fortune hunters, political dissidents, and those seeking to escape some sort of hardship or persecution in their native lands. The Crimson Coast is one such area, collecting those pushed out of the many diverse civilized cultures on the World of Kempin.

In these small independent communities, the inhabitants struggle to survive and carve out a life from their dangerous surroundings. And ever shadowing their efforts, there looms the dark embrace of the Red Jungle and its fiery mountains. These flatland are what men call the Crimson Coast.

The independent communities have very little contact with the world beyond the Crimson Coast, and only a bit more contact with each other. There is intermittent trade between them, but it is heavily suppressed and disrupted by the dangers of the environment --the terrain, the wildlife, bandits, and the monstrous evil that lives in the jungle. Occasionally, small quiet wars errupt between communities, but most of the time each community is too busy simply struggling to survive to become involved in such conflicts.

This is where the story of our adventurers begins. This is the backdrop of their struggles, their triumphs, and perhaps their deaths...

Please explore this website and use it as a resource to deepen your enjoyment of the game.  We'll be adding to this website over time, so please check back to see our progress!


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